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Bio-friendly Replacement to Conventional Surfactants Now Available for Sale

December 9, 2015
By Business Wire News


Logos Technologies announced today that NatSurFact, its line of rhamnolipid-based biosurfactant products, is available for purchase in large research quantities at

“For years, companies have been interested in using rhamnolipids in a variety of applications,” says Dan Derr, NatSurFact business area lead for Logos Technologies. “But until now, they have been hard to procure in significant quantities.”

Naturally fermented by microbes from vegetable oil (or a non-food analog), rhamnolipids are the eco-friendly, alternative to petroleum-based surfactants used in soaps, shampoos, cleaners, and other household products.

In addition, NatSurFact can be employed in a variety of other applications.

“There’s been interest in using rhamnolipids for waste water treatment, bioremediation and enhanced oil recovery—and even in the medical field and agriculture, as fungicides,” says Derr.

Made from a renewable natural resource, and containing neither sulfates nor phosphates, NatSurFact has a number of advantages over conventional surfactants. For example, it is

  • Readily biodegradable;
  • Low in toxicity to aquatic creatures;
  • Mild on the skin yet a powerful cleaner; and
  • Economical.

Logos Technologies produces several grades of NatSurFact, in both powder and liquid forms, and, in addition to selling research quantities, the company has the ability to produce commercial-scale amounts.

“We are in position to finally tap the vast potential of rhamnolipids,” says Derr.

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