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Bectran Unveils New Adaptive Workflow System at Credit Congress & Expo, 2016

June 22, 2016
By Marketwired News

ITASCA, IL–(Marketwired – June 22, 2016) – Bectran announced the Adaptive Workflow Systems Module at NACM’s 120th Credit Congress & Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, June 12-15, 2016.

Every year, nearly 2000 credit and finance professionals attend the Credit Congress & Expo, a premier educational and professional development event. Among some of the notable speakers were Val Venable, Ascend Performance Materials, on the panel “Loose Lips Sink Ships” and Jeff Perlstein, Berlin Packaging, as one of the speakers from “Creating the Perfect Credit File.” Bectran also enjoyed a night of fun entertaining 100 guests at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum Tuesday night.

Bectran’s Adaptive Workflow System was among the six credit and financial products listed in NACM’s Credit Congress Spotlight on Innovation, which highlights new technology that increases the quality, integrity and efficiency of the credit process.

The Adaptive Workflow System recognizes that your organization’s unique credit processes are a strength and implements them to enrich the workflows. For example, the Bectran Adaptive Workflow System enables your organization to set up pre-verification and pre-condition procedures with information and documents that can flow between the Sales and Customer Service departments.

The Adaptive Workflow System facilitates automated routing of credit requests among designated users, based on multiple conditions and paths.

Also, the Adaptive Workflow System enables adoption of local operations of a subsidiary while offering the universal credit management work processes.

Bectran was pleased to be a part of NACM’s Credit Congress Expo, attend educational sessions to keep abreast of the latest trends in the credit world and network with clients and credit professionals. Through continued partnerships in the credit industry Bectran is able to adapt and innovate modules and systems within the leading Credit Management Workflow that enhances the efficacy and enriches the quality of data needed to make sound credit decisions.

Bectran will see everyone next year at Credit Congress in Dallas, TX.


Bectran, the industry leading SaaS platform, has grown rapidly over the last five years to become the companion toolkit for the Credit Department just as CRM is for the Sales Department. From simple to complex organizations, SMEs to Fortune 500 companies, Bectran has helped companies cut down the time to process and approve credit by over 90% whilst significantly lowering the risk of credit defaults and the cost of collections. Our customers enjoy the ease, speed, and cost-effectiveness of adopting the Bectran platform. New clients are on-boarded in matter of days/weeks. Credit Professionals in various industries have described the Bectran platform as the future of the credit department. Recently, Bectran was recognized as a top innovator in the credit software industry.

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