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Bectran B2B Credit Management Platform Automates Instant Credit Intelligence Data Gathering From Major Business Credit Bureaus Worldwide

December 15, 2015
By Marketwired News

ITASCA, IL–(Marketwired – December 15, 2015) – Cloud-Based B2B Credit Management Platform Company, Bectran, announced today the release of the Instant Credit Intelligence Data Gathering Automation capability for major Business Credit Bureaus worldwide. This capability significantly cuts down on the time to reach quality credit decisions thus shortening the Credit-To-Cash cycle.

Delegating everyday credit management tasks to automated software processes has remained the founding core of the Bectran Platform. Credit Intelligence data gathering is time consuming and costly. The time to attain a credit decision on a customer and the quality of credit decision reached continues to drive the success of the B2B Credit Process and thus the Credit-To-Cash cycle time. With the Instant Credit Bureau Data gathering capability, credit departments automatically receive customer credit intelligence data in digital format from credit bureaus of their choice when a customer submits a credit application using the Bectran Electronic Credit Application System (ECAS). Customer Credit Bureau Data are automatically fed into the Bectran Custom Scoring Models to determine a comprehensive credit risk profile of the customer within seconds of a customer submitting a credit application. 

“This is again another Auto Pilot feature on the Bectran platform that is at zero cost to end customers with significant task-time savings for the credit department,” said Louis Ifeguni, CEO of Bectran. With automated credit intelligence data gathering, credit departments are able to quickly learn about the credit risk profile of the customer and reach higher quality credit decisions in significantly shorter times.

Here is how it works: 

The customer fills out a credit application using the Bectran Electronic Credit Application System (ECAS). The ECAS automatically verifies the accuracy and completeness of the credit application based on the underlying credit policies of the client. Bectran automatically pulls the client’s preferred credit bureau data in digital format, organizes and stores the credit data in custom virtual filing cabinets. The Bectran Custom Credit Management Workflow aggregates all credit significant data on the customer and performs instant evaluation using the client’s Custom Scoring Model.

Bectran continues to lead the front-end B2B Credit Management Solutions Industry in SaaS platform innovation with this additional Auto Pilot feature.

Bectran, the industry leading SaaS platform, has grown rapidly over the last five years to become the companion toolkit for the Credit Department just as CRM is for the Sales Department. From simple to complex organizations, SMEs to Fortune 500 companies, Bectran has helped companies cut down the time to process and approve credit by over 90% whilst significantly lowering the risk of credit defaults and the cost of collections. Their customers enjoy the ease, speed, and cost-effectiveness of adopting the Bectran platform. New clients are on-boarded in matter of days and weeks. Credit Professionals in various industries have described the Bectran platform as the future of the credit department. Recently, Bectran was recognized as a top innovator in the credit software industry.