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ATS Systems, CoolJet Division Releases the EcoJet Series of High Pressure Coolant Systems with Minimized Environmental Footprint

May 10, 2016
By Business Wire News


ATS Systems, a workholding, automation, high pressure coolant and accessories provider, announced this week the introduction of a new line of high pressure coolant systems, the EcoJet Series. This new series excels as an innovative and breakthrough high performance unit which also has established a smaller physical and environmental footprint. Thus, the New EcoJet Series is creating and leading the future of the industry with revolutionary features that are the first of its kind available in the industry. The EcoJet Series was designed to save both time and money throughout the process while being a greener option.

“We have always strived to differentiate ourselves from the competition by helping our partners best serve their customers through infallible customer support and quality product development,” said Allen Goad, CEO of ATS Systems. “Our approach has garnered us a unique, worldwide respect from industry leaders, and we are proud to unveil the next installment in our affordable and incredibly useful products: The EcoJet Series.”

The EcoJet Series features improved chip flushing and chip management, faster feeds and speeds (up to 10 times faster), longer tool life (up to 15 times faster), filtered coolant to turrets or spindles, improved machine tool life for decreased costs, and industry leading warranty and services through ATS Systems.

“This series contains an onboard clean flow through tank, machine tank mounted feeder pump, and a 5 micron media free filtration,” said Mr. Goad. “It can filter every machine coolant possible at 20gpm/80lpm. Its durability and versatility makes it a manufacturing and production staple for thousands of businesses countrywide, and our local managers in 14 regions throughout the U.S. are poised to answer any and all inquires about the implementation of the series.”

Founded in 2006, ATS Systems was born from a merger between ATS Workholding and SMW Systems. After the acquisition, ATS Systems carved a niche as the largest, most dependable machine support network in the country. Today, they service clients nationwide with top of the line products, attentive service, and ongoing support to maximize performance.

“Our approach is unique and provides our clients with in-shop sales consultations to match the right products to applications,” said Allen Goad. “Once it’s determined, ATS engineers design the correct systems and we build and configure the products in our state of the art manufacturing facilities. At that point, clients rely upon our world class service technicians who install products, train operators for their safe implementation, and support them for the duration of the product’s lifetime.

The EcoJet Series was designed to provide a high performance, environmentally friendly alternative to common high pressure coolant systems available today. Working hard to do their part in the mitigation of environmental footprints, ATS System, CoolJet Division EcoJet Series sets a standard no other industry provider has achieved thus far.

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