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An All-in-One Solution for the Best Style and Best Features for the Urban Lifestyle is Here

June 21, 2016
By PRN NewsWire

MILAN, June 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Ad Maiora(R) has created the EveryWear Jacket: the smartest jacket ever, designed for city dwellers. Designed in Italy, the EveryWear Jacket is devised to answer all the needs of urban life, combining advanced technology and smart solutions for top comfort.

The EveryWear Jacket is a multi-purpose winter coat that’s elegant, practical, and comfortable. The windproof, waterproof, insulated, breathable jacket can be worn in four different style configurations: anorak, short hooded, long jacket, or bomber. It also comes loaded with 20 features, perfect for the young professional who needs clothing to match their dynamic lifestyle, while also providing a huge boost to their fashion sense and uptake of tech trends.

EveryWear Jacket features:

— Hidden anti-rain mask — Stand up collar — Compass zipper — RFID blocking pocket — Useful numbers card — Fiber optics and reflective materials for nighttime visibility — Hand warmer pockets — Umbrella holder — Waterproof — NFC tag — Detachable hood — Integrated backpack — Giant back pocket for iPad or back protector — Reinforced abrasion-resistant arms — Transparent tech pocket — Aramid fiber fabric insert — Contactless cards pocket — Integrated power bank — Hidden gloves — Windproof

Ad Maiora(R) is the world’s first technical urban clothing brand. The EveryWear Jacket is the first of many products to be created by Ad Maiora(R) that will revolutionize the way urban dwellers and commuters move about their city.

Simone Gaido is the CEO and Founder of Ad Maiora(R). He is a serial entrepreneur, economist, and an experienced product development and production manager.

“We were looking for the perfect jacket for city dwellers, but could not find the solution on the market, so we decided to create it ourselves. Our products are designed to answer all the needs of urban life. We want to make your day easier, while making sure you always look great. We do our best to add special, functional features to our garments, tailored for different weather conditions and commuting modes. We also understand that city life requires dealing with different dress codes, sometimes within a matter of hours. Our purpose is to make sure you can switch between these diverse styles in a fast and painless way.”

“Ad maiora” is an old Roman saying meaning “on to even greater things.” This is true to their brand, Gaido says.

The EveryWear Jacket has been prototyped, developed, tested and is ready for mass production. As such, Ad Maiora(R) is launching a Kickstarter campaign on June 21, 2016 to start the pre-sale process. To be among the first to get your hands on the EveryWear Jacket, and do so at highly discounted prices, check out their campaign here.

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