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Alpine Technical Services and AllChem Donate Potable Clean Water System in Mali, West Africa

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Alpine Technical Services, in partnership with AllChem Performance Products Inc., is proud to announce the donation of a potable clean water system to the Empower Mali foundation for installation in the village of Dongorona in the city of Oueléssébougou, Mali, West Africa. The system consists of a Horizon® PTF-100 Chlorine Feeder along with 2 pails of Horizon® 90-PT Trichlor tablets for chlorination of drinking and potable water.

Once installed into the public water supply system, the Horizon® PTF-100 Chlorine Feeder will provide safe and clean potable water to as many as several thousand people in Mali who otherwise would not have access to disinfected water. This will save lives and help prevent the spread of many diseases such as typhoid fever, cholera, hepatitis and dysentery.

The Horizon® PTF-100 Chlorine Feeder uses Horizon® 90-PT tablets, a safe and effective solid form of chlorine called Trichloroisocyanurate (or Trichlor for short) that disinfects the water. Trichlor is 100% soluble in water and carries a low Ph with 90% available chlorine content. These benefits will allow clean operation without scale or sludge in the feeder or the water system. Trichlor is a safe product, highly compressed into a tablet form that keeps it from eroding until it is introduced into the feeder, giving it a long shelf life.

Horizon® 90-PT Tablets and the Horizon PTF-100 Chlorine Feeder are EPA registered and carry NSF-60 and NSF-61 approvals respectively for introduction into drinking water in the United States.

Water sprays horizontally onto the Horizon® 90-PT tablets, producing a constant chlorine residual for delivery to the drinking water system. This spraying action occurs only when chlorine feed is necessary in order to minimize the loss of available chlorine. As the tablets are sprayed, the resulting chlorine solution is collected in a lower basin and injected directly into the water system via a pump.

Mali is one of the poorest nations on earth. Without access to safe water, communities are unable to take their first essential step out of poverty. With a population of 4.9 million people, Mali doesn’t yet have access to safe water. More than 15,000 children die each year from dysentery and diarrhea caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation.

Dongorona is a remote village within the city of Oueléssébougou, located one and a half hours from the country’s capital city. Empower Mali is currently building a middle school in this village to alleviate the education challenge. This clean water solution will better the lives of the 1,300 families in this area and allow the children and people in the village to lead longer and healthier lives.

About Alpine Technical Services

Operating as a privately-held company in Midvale, Utah, ATS provides custom safety and water treatment solutions. ATS is a leading provider of high-end safety showers for industrial settings where hazardous chemicals exist. ATS is introducing “bundles” that include chemicals, equipment and safety showers as a complete solution to its clients. In addition, the company is currently expanding its focus to address water purification for rural municipalities, in particular. In all, the company is dedicated to providing an increasingly larger spectrum of technology and bioscience solutions to answer the world’s needs for cleaner water, safer manufacturing environments, and more effective solutions towards the creation of a safer environment and better world.

About Empower Mali

Empower Mali ( was established to work directly with citizens and local leaders in Mali to improve access to education, healthcare and basic amenities like water. Empower Mali believes that the citizens and communities of Mali have the right to become self-reliant, and works to form a close partnership with the citizens of Mali and the Malian government, believing that no one knows better how to resolve the community needs than the community’s citizens and leaders.

Alpine Technical Services
Richard Allred, 801-255-5336
President and CEO
Empower Mali


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