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ALDO Gets Personal With “Inspiration Is Everywhere” Fall/Winter 2015 Campaign

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MONTREAL, August 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —

 This season, ALDO pays tribute to those who find inspiration in the everyday, the

everywhere, and the everything 

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ALDO, an international leader in fashion footwear and accessories, celebrates individual inspiration with its new Fall/Winter 2015 global campaign, “Inspiration Is Everywhere”. Featuring a diverse cast of authentic personalities, ALDO showcases what it is that inspires their personal style.

“‘Inspiration Is Everywhere’ is an evolution of the work we’ve been doing over the past few seasons. ALDO is a facilitator, a co-conspirator, empowering our customers to express themselves and to wear their inspiration proudly. To reflect this collaboration, the campaign is presented as a diptych: two side-by-side images that play off each other visually and conceptually,” explains Douglas Bensadoun, Chief Creative Officer for ALDO. “On one side, there’s an introspective and impassioned portrait by Matteo Montanari, showcasing the individual and their personal style. On the other, a still life photographed by Bela Borsodi, playfully irreverent and abstract, bringing their inspirations to life. Together they work in harmony, giving the full story of the individual and what it is that inspires them.”

The cast of the campaign was chosen for their unique personal style and creative expressions representing a range of tastes, experiences and lifestyles. TV personality and model Irene Kim, artist Phoebe Collings-James, director Sandra Winther, model/musician Staz Lindes and actress Fabianne Therese are all present, styled in their own aesthetics. DJ Will Power, ballet dancer Joshua Thew, community creative Olu Alege, and radiologist/home improvement blogger Chris Nicholas present a masculine take on the theme. Each portrait and accompanying still life is as distinct as the person they represent; their inspirations on full display both literally and figuratively.

“Social media has transformed fashion – shifting the conversation from the latest trends to how those trends inform personal style. At ALDO we’re incredibly fortunate to have an internationally diverse and style-inspiring clientele. Part of our process is to actively engage with them, to capture their insights and aspirations to inform and further enrich our relationship with them,” shares Erwin Hinteregger, Chief Marketing Officer for ALDO. “Through our extensive consumer insights initiatives, we’ve learned that our customer finds style inspiration from ever-changing sources and is not beholden to the ‘fashion establishment’. It was refreshing to uncover how fluid and organic inspiration can be whether it’s from friends, blogs, observations on the street, an art show, or their own style intuition – said simply, inspiration truly is everywhere. Our campaign this season aims to reflect their savvy process of how they link ALDO to their style-spiration.”

The launch is supported by an integrated and tactical worldwide marketing campaign across a variety of channels including print, digital, out of home and social media extensions. 


Founded in 1972, ALDO Group is a leading international retailer for fashion footwear and accessories with over 1,900 stores in 94 countries. ALDO, the group’s flagship brand, delivers fashion to a diverse customer base at prices that make keeping up with seasonal styles a luxury within reach.

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