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Agreement of Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Regarding Philippine Market was Signed between MINISO and KAYZIE Groups in Hong Kong

July 20, 2015
By PRN NewsWire

HONG KONG, July 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — MINISO, the fast fashion designer brand of Japan , and KAYZIE FASHION UPDATE INC. of the Philippines held a signing ceremony regarding comprehensive strategic cooperation in the Philippine market in the global hub of Asian commerce, Hong Kong on July 8th.

The founder of the MINISO brand and chief designer, Mr. Miyake Jyunya, the president of Asia-Pacific region of MINISO, Mr. Ye Guofu, the vice president of Asia-Pacific region of MINISO, Mr. Li Minxin, the vice president for operation of Asia-Pacific region of MINISO, Mr. Zhu Guian, and the representatives of KAYZIE Group, Michael L.Hong, Noel L. Guy and Joson L.Guy attended the ceremony. The signing means MINISO will further extend its international business and comprehensively enhance its brand competitiveness and influence in the world after establishing itself in markets like Dubai, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

As a ‘fast-fasion’ brand that focuses on a streamlined shopping experience and a wide variety of designs that closely follow rapidly-changing fashion trends, MINISO officially stepped out of Japan in 2013 to actively extend international market, and within only one year, its stores were opened in over 200 countries and regions globally, including Dubai in the UAE, Los Angeles and San Francisco of the US, Florence in Italy, Spain, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo, with over 1,000 new stores opened overseas. The strategic cooperation with KAYZIE FASHION UPDATE INC. in the Philippine market is a significant step for MINISO to further its development in the Southeast Asian market and extending its overseas business.

With this successful signing, MINISO is taking the first step into the Philippine market. MINISO will continue to enlarge the scope of cooperation with KAYZIE FASHION UPDATE INC., strengthen resource integration and enhance cooperation value in respects to the market, marketing, product innovation, resource sharing and customer service, to enhance strategic development to a new level. Meanwhile, communications between both sides will be strengthened to set up a new situation of complementary advantages and mutual benefits. They will give priority to “superior service, innovative thinking”, based on the core conception of “innovation, cooperation, win-win”, in the spirit of “respecting consumers”, provide updated and more comprehensive services of marketing and operation facing the whole industry and the consumers.

During the course of the signing, representatives from both sides thought highly of the strategic cooperation, considering the cooperation to be a strategic cooperation intention of “win-win cooperation, mutual benefits.” The founder of MINISO brand and chief designer Mr. Miyake Jyunya also said, for both sides, the signing is a new start, and that KAYZIE may help MINISO deploy in the Philippine market rapidly for the purpose of extending overseas business. Moreover, MINISO will spare no efforts to promote product design level by actively absorbing local innovative elements, thus bringing high quality and innovative products to local people.

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