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AetherPal Deepens Commitment to the Connected Car, Enabling Operators and Auto OEMs to Deliver Enhanced Customer Service to Drivers

March 2, 2015
By Business Wire News


Mobile World Congress– The Connected Car market continues to rapidly expand as consumers expect and demand connectivity on the road. As in-car connectivity extends to applications and services, a new customer support model will be needed to ensure drivers are presented with a superior Connected Car experience.

Building on the momentum from its recently announced partnership with AT&T, AetherPal, a leading provider of connected device support software for mobile operators and automobile OEMs, provides in-vehicle remote support solutions that allow customer care representatives to securely and remotely take control over the vehicle’s infotainment system to resolve issues in real-time.

“Automobile manufacturers are viewing in-car connectivity as an opportunity to distinguish themselves in a highly competitive market by offering a range of innovative applications and services,” said Daniel Deeney, CEO of AetherPal. “With these new services will come increased customer care and support demands, many of which will require the mobile operator or automobile manufacturer to provide in-vehicle remote support. Given our heritage and success in providing operators with remote support solutions that allow for the delivery of superior customer care, we are well positioned to do the same in the Connected Car market.”

Today’s Connected Car includes an ever-growing array of pre-loaded applications and services embedded into the car’s dashboard and infotainment system. Some newer models even generate moving Wi-Fi hotspots allowing passengers to have connectivity on their mobile devices without chewing up costly data. As the consumer begins to familiarize themselves with these new services and technologies, questions, issues and the need for support will invariably arise.

“It is not practical to ask a Connected Car owner to bring their car to the dealership for service if the problem is related to Wi-Fi or an application that relies on connectivity,” Deeney continued. “AetherPal makes it easy for the car owner to access needed support quickly and conveniently while at the same time helping operators reduce costs and enabling dealers to focus the time of their service crews on more pressing issues.”

AetherPal is already making significant headway in becoming a trusted partner within the Connected Car ecosystem. In January, AT&T welcomed AetherPal as an application provider for AT&T Drive Studio. AT&T will leverage AetherPal’s Smart Care® product portfolio to quickly and securely diagnose, address and resolve issues in real time, from application and network issues to problems arising from configurations and settings to common new user questions.

For more information on AetherPal Smart Care® solutions for Connected Cars, please visit the company at their Mobile World Congress meeting room, 2A11MR, in Barcelona from March 2-5.

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AetherPal is transforming the support experience for connected device customers. The world’s most respected mobile operators and device suppliers rely on AetherPal’s Smart Care® products to engage directly with customers to quickly resolve issues, augment device performance and improve productivity, resulting in satisfied customers, fewer device returns, and lower support costs. AetherPal is backed by New Venture Partners and Point Judith Capital. For more information visit

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