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Accuride Debuts Industry’s First Steel Wheel Warranted Against Corrosion

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Accuride Corporation (NYSE:ACW) – a leading supplier of components to the global commercial vehicle industry – today announced the launch of its proprietary EverSteel™ steel wheel technology at Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week ’16 in Las Vegas. The new technology is the first of its kind in the commercial vehicle industry and comes with a five-year warranty against corrosion. EverSteel™ extends Accuride’s leadership in value-added steel wheel coating technology that began with its launch of Steel Armor™ in 2013.

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EverSteel provides unprecedented corrosion protection that outperforms competing wheels. In independently-performed cyclic corrosion testing (GM9540P), EverSteel demonstrated six times longer life than its North American and offshore competitors and double the operational life of Accuride’s Steel Armor™ steel wheels. The advanced corrosion-fighting properties resulting from EverSteel’s proprietary four-phase coating process deliver unmatched durability and wheel service life. This enables Accuride to offer customers the industry’s first warranty against steel-wheel corrosion with EverSteel.

“Accuride’s proprietary new EverSteel technology demonstrates our commitment to offer customers advanced steel wheels that provide lasting value unmatched in the industry,” said Rick Dauch, President and CEO of Accuride. “Corrosion is an ongoing and costly issue for fleets working in harsh operating environments across North America. Never before have steel wheels received warranted corrosion protection like that offered by our EverSteel technology. It sets a new standard of performance and durability, and will enable our fleet customers to achieve significant savings in wheel refinishing costs and the associated downtime.”

Especially suited for trailer applications and fleets regularly operating in ice and snow, EverSteel wheels offer superior resistance to corrosion. This is significant, as traditional steel wheels subject to corrosion from road salt and harsh de-icing chemicals must be refinished about every three years in order to maintain their performance and appearance. By delaying the onset of corrosion for up to eight years, EverSteel extends the usable life of the wheel prior to initial refinishing. EverSteel enables customers to save a projected $105 in wheel refinishing and maintenance costs, as well as the downtime associated with taking the wheels out of service.

Superior Coating Technology

Accuride initially answered the tough demands placed on fleets’ steel wheels with its Steel Armor™ premium powder top coat technology. EverSteel takes corrosion-resistance to a completely new level. By bonding EverSteel technology with its Steel Armor powder coating and a high-performance epoxy electro-coat, Accuride has developed an enhanced protection system that delivers unmatched corrosion-resistance and longer wheel life. EverSteel forms a tough barrier that isolates the wheel from the harshest of elements and makes it resistant to chips from normal road wear.

EverSteel wheels employ a four-step treatment process:

  • First, EverSteel metal surface treatment is applied to the bare steel to protect it from harsh daily wear and tear;
  • This is followed by a zinc phosphate pre-treatment that prepares the metal for maximum adhesion;
  • Then an enhanced cathodic epoxy electro-coat optimized for sharp-edge and overall corrosion protection is applied; and
  • Lastly, Accuride’s Steel Armor™ premium powder top coat is applied.

Industry-First Warranty Against Steel-Wheel Corrosion

As provided in Accuride’s warranty literature, Accuride Wheel End Solutions warrants EverSteel wheels used in combination with Accuride’s Wheel Guard® separator to be free of rust damage for 60 months from date of manufacture indicated on the wheel. All EverSteel wheels can be identified by the EverSteel stamp on the disc face and inside roll stamp of the wheel. In addition, each wheel includes a serial number for ease of traceability.

Commercial Availability & Information

Accuride’s commercialization of EverSteel commences following Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week. The technology is available initially on two Accuride 22.5 x 8.25 steel wheels: 50408 (2 hand hole) and 50487 (5 hand hole). The wheels will be produced at Accuride’s Henderson steel wheel facility in Henderson, Ky., and available for customers to order effective February 1, 2016. For more information about EverSteel, customers may contact their Accuride sales representative, check the Resources tab on Accuride’s mobile app, or visit

About Accuride Corporation

With headquarters in Evansville, Ind., USA, Accuride Corporation is a leading supplier of components to the global commercial vehicle industry. The company’s products include commercial vehicle wheels; wheel-end components and assemblies; and specialty cast-iron components for a range of agricultural, construction and mining, and oil and gas equipment applications. The company’s products are marketed under its brand names, which include Accuride®, Accuride Wheel End SolutionsTM, Gunite®, Gianetti RuoteTM and BrillionTM. Accuride’s common stock trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol ACW. For more information, visit the Accuride Corporation website at

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