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A2K Technologies Takes Steps Towards Creating a Culture of Learning for Innovation

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BRISBANE, Australia

A2K Technologies have announced their latest education offering ‘Learning Passport’ which will revolutionise the way the industry accesses and pays for learning.

The learning passport will allow individuals to attend any amount of scheduled classroom courses across Australia and New Zealand while providing access to the award-winning Global E Training (GeT) platform for 12 months.

“As a company we are determined to create a culture of learning in the market place that fosters innovation. Having listened to the feedback from our customers, our goal was to create an offering to enable learning to be accessed in a modern environment with less complication while not having to pay too much – we feel that the Learning Passport achieves this.”

– Fari Fanaeyan, CEO A2K Technologies

The initiative is focused on blended learning. A2K’s workshops on ROI in Learning late last year illustrated clearly that the market recognises advantages to instructor lead training (collaborative, interactive, disciplined) as well as advantages in the E-Learning equivalent (flexible, mobile, self-paced). The hybrid option of blended learning combines the best of these into a structured experience with a focus on building a thorough understanding of the software by allowing specific individuals to tailor specific combinations of events to suit their own time frames. We refer to these as Learning Paths.

As the industry continues to evolve with more and more technology available, it is critical to empower software users with appropriate learning paths to develop expertise. The Learning Passport not only provides access to unlimited scheduled classroom courses at every A2K training centre across Australia but also includes Global E Training, the largest industry library of interactive and engaging courseware on the most advanced learning platform. The multi-modal experience enables knowledge retention as well as knowledge growth by allowing users to access all elements of the targeted workflows anytime.

A2K’s learning passport initiative is an ideal platform to build on and there are plans to extend the experience beyond Autodesk software with additional options focusing on Leadership, Project Management, Microsoft and Adobe. The entire platform is enabled with mature reporting to measure progress and can be complimented with customised processes and courses as well as corporate offerings for larger groups.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Simplifying budgeting costs and providing flexibility with protection from price increases
  • The ability to learn online before courses to maximise the value of face to face time with the experts.
  • The ability to continue to learn online after courses to process the information learned.
  • The ability to repeat courses
  • The ability to try out the ‘other’ Autodesk software packages available.
  • The ability to craft and execute your own learning path

“We have harnessed the combined expertise of our technical team, feedback from customers and experiences from running major projects with GeT to build this system, with a primary focus on enabling Learning Paths. The flexibility of selecting relevant modules over 12 months will enable realistic experiences for both fast paced learning as well as digesting concepts over time”

– Sean Twomey, Professional Development Manager, A2K Technologies.

For more information on learning passports contact:

Media Contact
A2K Technologies
Raj Jayasundara
1800 223 562 (Aust) or 0508 232 797 (NZ)


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