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A Fabric Protection Worthy Of Its Own Standard

August 25, 2015
By PRN NewsWire

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Aug. 25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — UltraTech International, Inc., leaders in the environmental compliance industry, have recently added EverShield to their innovative product line. The fabric protection establishes a polymer coating that encases each fiber of the material, significantly increasing durability through a complex, protective matrix. The coating that is created maintains performance levels of long chain fluorocarbons while utilizing more acceptable six-carbon fluoropolymers. Click here to learn more or call at 800.764.9549.

EverShield uses an environmentally friendly formula using C6 chemistry and it is also water-based with no VOCs. Unlike some DWRs, EverShield treated fabrics can be washed at standard temperatures. No super-heated wash or drying cycles are needed to maintain superhydrophobicity or oleophobicity. Cooler water and cooler dryers means less energy consumption and lower operating costs.

EverShield outperforms DWRs by repelling water in addition to oils, food products, mud, concrete, ice and other aqueous solutions. Some of the products features are:

— Oleophobic: Resists and repels most oils, acids, and alkalines — Superhydrophobic: Water repellent — Icephobic: Repels and reduces the formation of ice — Tensile Strength: Maintains the strength of original fabric — Extremely Durable: Protection for over 50 washes (including oil repellency) — Excellent Breathability: Preserves fabric breathability — Original Feel: Retains fabric softness and feel

UltraTech International, Inc. was formed in 1993 with one goal in mind: to create the world’s finest offering of spill containment and spill response products. Since then, its vision has expanded into additional product categories and the company now features a product line that consists of over 350 unique products.

Focusing intensely on meeting customer needs in an innovative and cost-effective manner, the company has introduced an average of 20 new products per year. UltraTech’s design and development team is credited with over 60 patents. They are industry leaders in spill containment, stormwater management, facility protection, construction compliance and oil spill response.

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