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3 Things That Most Customers Will Never Know About Customized Girl’s Custom T-Shirt Business

June 22, 2016
By PRN NewsWire

COLUMBUS, Ohio, June 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — In any business, it’s easy to lament a lack of communication. The truth is, customers just don’t have the time or inclination to read every detail on your website. Nor should they.

But because of this, they do miss out on some fun facts! They never get to peek behind the curtain of our company, even though the curtain is wide open.

At Customized Girl, we print custom t-shirts, tank tops, and lots of other stuff. We use state-of-the-art digital printers, which means we offer no minimums and full-color printing.

Here are three things most of our customers will never realize. Our “secret menu items”, if you will:

1. We still have to compete with screen printers on group pricing.

In theory, screen printers should have a price advantage when it comes to bulk orders. They require set-up fees and a minimum order, but the more you buy, the lower your price-per-shirt.

We compete against these screen printers on the Google search results page for “custom shirts”. So our prices have to be competitive. As soon as you more than 5 items in your cart, group discounts automatically kick in. The more you add, the higher the discount. At 48, you will see a 50% discount on our most popular items.

But remember, we’re digital printers. Which leads us to…

2. We don’t care if your designs are different.

For screen printers, the bulk discount only works if you are buying the exact same design. It won’t work if you want to add a nickname to each design. It won’t work if you’re trying to put a full-chest design on both extra-small tank tops and extra-large men’s tees.

We don’t care about any of those things. Get different items. Get different designs. Group discounts will still trigger.

Now, you might think that adding a cute nickname to each individual design would take too long. But that leads us to…

3. Our Name & Number feature isn’t just for team jerseys.

Our design center has three main tabs: Add Text, Add Art, and Upload Image. There’s a fourth tab called “Name & Number”. This was originally designed for (and mostly used by) teams ordering custom jerseys. You can quickly add a name, a number, and choose a size for each player.

But it’s incredibly functional for so many other use-cases. For example, bachelorette parties love adding a unique nickname to each individual “Team Bride” tank top. If only they knew about our mysterious fourth tab, then they could easily add their hilarious nicknames.

It would be reasonable to ask “Why don’t you just tell your customers this?” We launched Customized Girl in 2004, and in the past 12 years we’ve learned one big lesson: keep it simple.

If you could peek behind our curtain, you might learn a lot of fun stuff, but none more important than the lesson of a simple message.

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