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    Saving effort with unique software add-ons

    February 1, 2005 by MRO Magazine

    We talked about software add-ons that most all CMMS manufacturers provide in our two previous CMMS columns. They covered barcoding and software that allows quick entry of work requests and purchase re…

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    Internet boosts work order efficiency

    December 1, 2004 by MRO Magazine

    Useful add-ons that can be used with your CMMS program were explored our previous column, where barcoding was the focus (Machinery & Equipment MRO, Nov. 2004, pg. 23). This article covers another…

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    Timesaving Tricks

    November 1, 2004 by MRO Magazine

    We’ve come a long way over the past year with our Software Solutions column that is dedicated solely to CMMS systems. If you’ve been following along you know that we’ve built a functional CMMS system (previous columns are posted online at <a href=…

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    Work Order Worship (September 01, 2004)

    September 1, 2004 by MRO Magazine

    Welcome to part 2 of managing your CMMS work orders. If you want to get the most out of this article, you should read the previous issue of Machinery & Equipment MRO (June 2004, pg. 36). If you haven’t got it, then go online and read it on the mag…

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    Work Order Worship (June 01, 2004)

    June 1, 2004 by MRO Magazine

    Work orders come in severalvariations, ranging from pre-ventive maintenance tasks (PMs) to projects to various other maintenance activities. All combined, they can make a long list of work to be done.

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    Challenges answered with advice

    June 1, 2004 by MRO Magazine

    t has been a busy and challenging period for us at the magazine over the past couple of months. There have been many industry events to attend and interesting stories to cover. It’s a symptom of the time of year, it seems.

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    Work orders key to tracking maintenance jobs

    February 1, 2004 by MRO Magazine

    The process of creating tasks to schedule preventive maintenance activities was covered in our previous column (see MRO Dec. 2003, p. 35 or online at Once you understand how to build…

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    Building PM Tasks

    December 1, 2003 by MRO Magazine

    I know that many readers who have been following this column have been trying to follow the implementation steps of a computerized maintenance software system (CMMS). This is the seventh article in this series and I have good news — most of the h…

  • CMMS Software Solutions: How to Find Repair Parts Fast

    November 1, 2003 by MRO Magazine

    We’ve come a long way with our CMMS software implementation guide over the past five issues and you’ll probably agree it has been a lot of work to cover. However, you’re about to tackle the largest ta…

  • Be a Data Doctor

    September 1, 2003 by MRO Magazine

    It’s hard to believe but this is the fifth edition of the cmms software solutions column. if you been with us these past few months you would have read about how a computerized maintenance management …

  • Gathering your data

    June 1, 2003 by MRO Magazine

    In our previous column (MRO April 2003, p. 34), we introduced the first of six stages of implementing a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). The article covered CMMS software installatio…

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    Backups Worth the Effort

    April 1, 2003 by MRO Magazine

    If you have been following this column you will remember that the previous two articles talked about the advantages of purchasing a CMMS (Dec. 2002, p. 42) and tips on buying a CMMS to fit your needs …

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    Avoiding software selection pitfalls

    February 1, 2003 by MRO Magazine

    When it comes time to select a new CMMS software program, the up-front time and effort you spend will pay off many times over, now and in the future.There are literally hundreds of software programs a…

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    10 steps to rational troubleshooting

    February 1, 2003 by MRO Magazine

    Problem: It takes a great deal of skill to be a good problem solver. You must know your machines, understand the process, have experience, be patient, etc. Even these factors may not be sufficient. To…

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    More than maintenance in CMMS

    December 1, 2002 by MRO Magazine

    Despite the proliferation of technology in industrial settings over the past decade, there are still many factories, mines and mills that do maintenance planning and scheduling with pen and paper. It’…

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    How downtime can mean more uptime

    December 1, 2002 by MRO Magazine

    Our final issue of 2002 is so packed with a variety of information that we couldn’t fit all the complete descriptions on the contents page. One example is The Fan Guys column on page 54. We’re really …

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    Maintenance Case History: Hard Knowledge on a Hard Drive

    February 1, 2002 by MRO Magazine

    Several things made Bob Hill realize that he needed to make the jump from running his maintenance department from memory to using a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS).”Running the show …