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REA JET High-Resolution Thermal Inkjet Systems

Experience the future of marking with REA JET HR Thermal Inkjet Solutions! Say goodbye to maintenance headaches and unnecessary downtimes – our eco-friendly, cost-effective solution revolutionizes your marking needs. With a variety of versatile inks for every industry, seamless integration through the Titan Platform, and high-resolution precision via HP cartridge technology, we have you covered. Plus, our extensive range of colors ensures your marks shine on any surface. Make the smart choice for your business – choose REA JET HR Marking Solutions and elevate your marking process today!

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REA JET High-Resolution Thermal Inkjet Printer

Tired of unreliable printers wasting your time and money? Meet the REA JET HR Inkjet System, a game-changer in the world of printing technology.

With cutting-edge features, it guarantees unmatched print resolution and clarity, ensuring your prints are sharp, legible, and vibrant on various materials, be it paper, plastic, metal, or glass.

Our advanced technology brings unparalleled accuracy, speed, and efficiency, offering high-quality prints on materials like cardboard, wood, and plastics. Its user-friendly interface and low maintenance make integration into your production setup a breeze.

No more smudges or illegible prints - say hello to clear, consistent results.

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Innovative Maintenance-Free Product Marking

Unleash Precision Marking Across Industries with REA JET HR Thermal Inkjet Solutions!

Experience Top-Notch Marking for FMCG, Construction, Plastics, Pharma, Automotive, Tread Line and Lumber Industries!

At REA JET Canada, we recognize the diverse needs of various industries. Introducing our versatile REA JET HR Thermal Inkjet Solutions, tailor-made for your sector.

Key Capabilities:

FMCG: Replacing the expensive, maintenance heavy labeling with direct printing for fast-moving consumer goods.
Tread Line Marking: Ensure safety and quality in the tire industry.
Construction: Mark materials with precision and efficiency.
Plastics & PVC: High-quality, vibrant marking for plastic products.
Pharma: Compliance and traceability in pharmaceuticals.
Automotive: Streamlined production line integration.
Lumber: Reliable marking for the timber industry.

Versatility at Its Best! Our HR Thermal Inkjet Solutions offer high-resolution printing, precise batch numbers, barcodes, and fast integration across these diverse sectors.

Trust in Quality! Maintain product integrity, meet industry standards, and elevate your Print with REA JET HR.

Contact Us Today! Ready to enhance your marking capabilities? Reach out now for a consultation/demo and discover how REA JET HR Thermal Inkjet Solutions can empower your business across these dynamic industries!

About REA JET HR and more!

We know when it comes to Industrial Printing, looking for the right solution might be a hassle, but not with REA JET! We are customer-centric and always look out for our clients.

So why not take a closer look at what REA JET has to offer? Our brochure is packed with useful information about our products and services and is sure to provide you with all the details you need to make an informed decision.

We have them all: Thermal, Continuous, Small character, and/or Large Character Inkjets (D.O.D.). We house the best Spray and Laser Mark Technology in the Industry.

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to discover what REA JET can do for you - open up our brochure today and discover the power of our coding and marking solutions!

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