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Automating Industrial Inspection with Agile Mobile Robots

Spot is a dynamic sensing platform that navigates terrain with unprecedented mobility, allowing you to automate inspections, capture limitless data, and improve site safety. A continuous stream of accurate data on your facilities and assets makes it easy to perform maintenance when needed, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

Spot's versatile inspection capabilities include: Check out these resources from Boston Dynamics to learn how Spot can add value to your operations.
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Meet Spot - Generating reliable insights at the source and in real time.

Spot’s unprecedented mobility enables you to automate routine inspection tasks and capture data safely, accurately, and frequently. Add sensor payloads to Spot to customize its capabilities to meet your specific inspection needs.

Watch Spot in action to see how dynamic sensing makes operations safer and more predictable.

Mobile sensors are taking steps to increase savings, flexibility, ease of use.

Agile mobile robots like Spot bring sensors to industrial assets, collecting critical information at the source. By combining industry 4.0 investments with more frequent, autonomous inspections, you can get the volume of data needed for AI-driven predictive maintenance (PdM).

Download our whitepaper to uncover how you can increase the speed of decision making and minimize downtime with Spot.

Extend the life of your assets and avoid costly downtime.

Manual thermal inspections are time-consuming, costly and often dangerous. Automating inspections with agile mobile robots like Spot helps you catch problems early—avoiding catastrophic failures, reducing unplanned downtime, and extending asset lifespans.

Check out the latest whitepaper from Boston Dynamics to learn how agile mobile robots can help you increase the frequency of thermal inspections and reduce catastrophic equipment failures.

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