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October 14, 2022  

Guelph-based company is developing air filter that kills COVID 19 indoors

October 13, 2022  

Quebec start-up is working with local students to bring renewable energy to market

October 11, 2022  

France fights winter shortages with new energy saving drive

October 11, 2022  

Wiegand technology

October 11, 2022  

MRO Roundtable – The Most Important Decisions in Asset Management

October 10, 2022  

Ontario’s electricity sector will need more natural gas generation: report

October 4, 2022  

Newsom relaxes refinery rules as California gas prices soar

October 3, 2022  

Generac Power Systems and EODev partner

September 19, 2022  

ABB Motion names Canadian sales team lead

September 15, 2022  

Air Gap Tool

September 15, 2022  

Canadian renewable energy company plans to lead real estate industry towards net-zero

September 9, 2022  

MRO is looking to the future

September 5, 2022  

Jasper prepping for ‘extended’ power outage

September 2, 2022  

Sims Limited announced change to board of directors

August 29, 2022  

Encore Energy completes installation of PAA

August 22, 2022  

Uranium Energy becomes the largest North American uranium company

August 22, 2022  

Schneider Electric makes progress toward sustainability targets

August 16, 2022  

California governor proposes extending nuclear plant’s life

August 8, 2022  

HydraForce signs agreement with Bosch Rexroth

August 8, 2022  

LyondellBasell reaches renewable energy milestone

August 7, 2022  

Suncor must stop diagnosing and start executing workplace safety changes: Interim CEO

July 29, 2022  

General Fusion receives funding from the U.S. Department of Energy

July 25, 2022  

OPG and X-energy pursue clean energy opportunities

July 25, 2022  

PTDA 2022 Industry Summit coming to Nashville

July 11, 2022  

State Dept. backs up Canada’s decision to return Nord Stream 1 turbines to Germany

July 2, 2022  

More electric charging stations coming to C K