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Angle grinder offers long run time, cool operation

Angle grinder offers long run time, cool operation

The Metabo Metal Masters W26-230 large angle grinder features a diagonal fan that pulls air across the motor, providing increased air flow and cooler operation. Equipped with a 9-in. wheel, the tool delivers 159 in.-lb of torque and a no-load speed of 6,600 rpm. It has a long-lasting 15-A motor with 2,400 W of power and 4.7 hp. The VibraTech three-position side handle reduces vibration levels and allows the user to turn the tool 90 degrees to cut vertically, while still having a firm grasp on the grinder. The grinder, designed to reduce user fatigue, is suited for the prolonged cutting and grinding of large areas of metal.


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Screwdriver offers portable torque control

A line of FlexPower cordless screwdrivers has been introduced by Mountz. Designed for torque control and durability, the tools are built around the 10.8-V and 14.4-V high-capacity lithium-ion battery platforms and are suitable for applications where air or electric power is not easily accessible. The tools operate at lengthy periods between charges, stop automatically when the preset torque has been reached and suit tight space applications. An ergonomic hand grip improves control and reduces fatigue in long-run applications. LED indicators provide an audible and visual alarm signal. These screwdrivers are offered in a pistol-style configuration, as well as a right-angle style and cover a torque range of 8.8 in.-lb to 265.5 in.-lb.


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Versatile line includes toolboxes and carts

Lista’s Technician Series includes toolboxes, technician carts and cart garages. The affordable, large-capacity, rugged toolboxes feature full-extension drawers with a 440-lb capacity. Worktops transform the toolbox cabinet top into a work area with work surfaces of various materials. Toolbox base options range from mobile casters to fixed fork truck bases to stationary raised bases with levelling. The heavy-duty yet lightweight mobile carts are flexible and manoeuvrable and come in various configurations. Cart garages offer a storage area integrated into a complete technician workbay, and allow carts and tools to be stored securely and neatly when not in use. They are available as a fully enclosed, free-standing garage or as a security door with face frame only.

Lista International

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Locking ratchet has tether hole for security

Link Tools’ all-metal locking ratchets are manufactured with a tether hole at the bottom of the handle, allowing users to easily attach the ratchet to a wrist tether or tool belt. This prevents dropped tools and accidents while they are working at heights or in sensitive areas. Called the Locker, the ratchet features a case-hardened spring-actuated steel pin, recessed groove and ribbed releasing collar. An opening at the top allows the attachment of a second ratchet. Available in 1/4-in. and 3/8-in. drive sizes, the ratchets are manufactured using 100% high-polish, nickel-plated, heat-treated chrome vanadium steel.

Link Tools International

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Insulated torque wrench provides operator safety

Mountz insulated torque wrenches are for use in life-threatening high-voltage and low-voltage electrical assembly applications where over-torque conditions are not tolerated and operator safety is mandatory. Designed using non-conductive plastic insulation, the wrenches ensure proper torque control and eliminate the possibility of failure due to shorting, arcing or other electrical damage. Two styles are offered. The 1,000-V wrench, available in cam-over and click models, is suitable for use in electrically live situations, while the 50-V wrench, offered in break-over models, is for use in uninterrupted power supply and other battery applications where protection up to 50 V is required.

Wright Tool

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Striking wrench adaptor adds versatility

Designed to save money, time and tool storage space, the 11-1/2-in. long Wright Tool striking wrench adaptor allows for a single striking wrench to be used on a variety of fasteners by attaching to any size 1-in. drive impact socket. The adaptor can be used in conjunction with a 1-in. drive extension or flex handle to hold the adaptor in place. Both straight and offset-style units are offered, ranging in sizes from 1 in. to 4-5/8 in. They are suitable for applications involving heavy construction equipment, off-highway equipment, power plants and large chemical and processing facilities.

Wright Tool

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Metal surface drum sander makes for consistent finishing

Camel Grinding Wheels has introduced a metal surface drum sander and flap wheel drum line for large-scale metal finishing. Made with electronic controls, a soft-start feature and a variable-speed dial, the flap drum sander is engineered not to bog down while making shadow-free finishes. It weighs 7.9 lb, provides 4 in. of working tool width and features an 11-A input and 700-W output. The flap wheel drum line consists of four types of 4-in. by 4-in. drums with keyhole arbors. The four types are coated aluminum oxide drums, zirconia aluminum oxide drums, interleaf and non-woven drums. The coated drums are available in 40-grit through 12-grit sizes, while the interleaf drums come in 40-grit to 240-grit sizes.

Camel Grinding Wheels

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Locking pliers have three times more gripping power

The new Irwin Vise-Grip Curved Jaw Locking Pliers feature a self-energizing lower jaw that delivers three times more gripping power than traditional locking pliers, with absolutely no slipping or stripping. There’s no need for heavy input pressure – the jaws tighten for maximum grip as torque is applied to the tool. They’re available in two core models: Fast Release, with a one-handed, triggerless release and anti-pinch, non-slip ProTouch Grips; and Original, with a classic trigger release. This new CR range is especially well-suited for performing in greasy work environments where there may be lots of lubricants, and for manoeuvring in tight spaces where you cannot easily get two hands on a tool. The pliers come in three models: 5-in., 7-in. and10-in.

Irwin Tool

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