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AC drive operator interface is user-friendlyThe Reliance SP600 AC drive features an icon-based operator interface module. A large graphical LCD screen displays icons depicting functional groups from w...

November 1, 2002
By MRO Magazine
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AC drive operator interface is user-friendly

The Reliance SP600 AC drive features an icon-based operator interface module. A large graphical LCD screen displays icons depicting functional groups from which the user may select. Four independent function keys on the keypad can be assigned a total of eight separate operations, including preset speed commands, auto/manual reference selection for speed control, fault log access and more, eliminating the need to hardwire switches or navigate through the drive’s parameter structure. Either sensorless vector control or V/Hz operation is selectable. The drive comes in multiple enclosure configurations.

Reliance Electric

Motor starter’s diagnostics can cut repair costs

Rockwell Automation has introduced the Allen-Bradley IntelliStarter NEMA motor starter, which enhances motor performance, reliability and efficiency by using information communicated via DeviceNet to operate, monitor and protect motor operations. Suitable for rugged and motor-intensive industries such as mining, forest products, and petrochemical and metals processing, the starter provides motor performance, diagnostics and status information that allows users to proactively detect and respond to potential problems. These protection and warning capabilities can reduce costly repairs and maintenance of electric motors. The package allows maintenance personnel to access and monitor motor information from any computer in the plant or remotely via the Internet.


Installation of motor starter is quick job

Reduced installation time, enhanced safety features and decreased demand on panel space highlight Schneider Electric’s modular and compact Telemecanique TeSys Model D motor starters. The starters include DC low-consumption contactors that consume 75% less power than traditional DC contactor coils. Controlling motors up to 25 hp at 600 V and communicating with automated and networked systems, they are suited for most motor starter applications. They meet international and North American wiring standards.

Schneider Electric

Super-large motor/ generators combined into one compact unit

Siemens has introduced a standardized, combined motor and generator platform, known as the H-modyn. These three-phase machines, in the form of asynchronous and synchronous motors, as well as synchronous generators, are applicable for use in a wide range of process industry sectors, including mining, pulp and paper, oil and gas, chemical, offshore, marine, air separation, water/wastewater and power stations. Applications include driving compressors, blowers, refiners, pumps, crushers, compressors and for use as generators. The compact combined unit features low weight and power density, ease of installation and low operational energy requirements.


AC inverter duty motor can replace PMDC systems

The MicroMax line of low-horsepower AC inverter duty motors from Marathon Electric is designed as a direct replacement for permanent magnet DC (PMDC) systems. Available in 1/4 hp to 3 hp, these C-face motors use the same mounting configuration as their PMDC counterparts. When equipped with a PWM scalar drive, cost savings of up to 30% can be realized.

Marathon Electric

Additions to speed reducer line increase torque range

Cone Drive has added six new sizes to its Series J shaft-mounted Sala speed reducer line designed for motor powers up to 600 kW. The line can now meet the need for torque from 450 Nm to 57,800 Nm. Fully interchangeable with older gear types and other brands, the compact gearboxes come in a choice of four ratios, 5:1, 15:1, 20:1 and 25:1, depending on size. Ease of use and maintenance are key elements in the design of the unit, with the cast iron gear case split for simple assembly and overhauling.


Compact motor- protective system handles tough starting conditions

Moeller has introduced the compact ZEV motor-protective system for motor currents from 1 A to 820 A. All Z overload relays provide the standard functions of protection in the event of phase failure, overload or current imbalance. The small control panel design uses transformers with a volume reduction of 58:1 compared to regular transformers. Sensors are small and lightweight, with wide current ranges. Installation is simple. Even the most severe starting conditions can be handled by this system, and its enhanced tripping classes allow motors with starting times up to 40 sec. to be protected safely.


Gearmotor’s modular construction keeps costs down

The Cone Drive Series M family of helical inline gearmotors and reducers has been upgraded to provide an efficient, compact drive solution. The key element in this upgrade is the motor connection, which fits any standard electric motor, meaning the units accept all sizes of standard NEMA and IEC flange-mounted electric motors without the need for modifications or interface connectors. Designed for use in such industries as energy, pulp and paper, water treatment, oil and gas, and building and aggregates, the gearmotors can meet most requirements up to 120 hp or 90 kW with maximum output torque capacity of 11,000 Nm (97,350 lb-in). They feature a modular kit design that allows sub-assemblies to be produced, packed and stored individually, ready for quick assembly. Huge savings in inventory spares cost can be achieved by stocking the gearmotors in kit form.


Multiple-format catalogue details drives and motors

A full line of adjustable speed drives and motors is illustrated in the recently published 2001-2002 Reliance Electric Drives Catalogue. This 432-page catalogue is available in printed version, on-line via the Internet at and on CD. Included are both AC and DC drives and motors, options and accessories, the Custom Classics product line and a complete listing of product demonstrators and training programs. In addition to comprehensive product descriptions, the catalogue also includes a section on pricing of common modifications to Reliance Electric’s standard drives.

Reliance Electric

On-site replacement easy with gearmotors, reducers

Emerson Power Transmission has introduced a 192-page catalogue for U.S. Gearmotor gear products. Included is the CbN Series 3000 line of fixed and variable speed gearmotors and reducers, featuring self-locking tapered shaft connection between motor and gear shaft. The series provides on-site motor replacement without removing the oil or primary pinion, or disconnecting the load. Other benefits include up to 35% higher capacity for the same size Series 2000 unit, a non-metallic quill liner to prevent fretting corrosion and a minimum of two to three times the optional flange diameters per frame. The catalogue features dimensional as well as engineering selection data for 1/6 hp through 15 hp.

Emerson Power Transmission

Versatile gearmotor system comes in many possible combinations

The Demag gearmotor system of modular gearboxes and power options is the result of research, design and worldwide use in a wide variety of applications, from simple reduced speed operation to precise motion control and positioning. A new line of variable speed gearmotors, the Indrive, extends the line of cylindrical rotor motors, with or without brake, and new gearboxes complement the conical rotor brake motors and microspeed drives. System capabilities range up to 8,850 lb-ft of torque, with horsepowers from fractional to over 100 hp. Gear drive ratios range from 3:1 to 500:1 with a full range of single- or multiple-speed motors. A wide variety of brake torques is available.


Medium-voltage AC drive features small footprint by Allen-Bradley

In order to help medium-voltage drive users reduce installation space requirements while adding powerful performance and flexible control in applications ranging from 150 kW (200 hp) to 900 kW (1,200 hp), Rockwell Automation has introduced
the compact Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 7000 A-frame medium-voltage AC drive. This air-cooled unit offers reliability and ease of use in a package as small as 2 m (78.74 in) at 4,160 V, 750 kW (1,000 hp). It is available in three main configurations, a base drive, a base drive with integral isolation transformer and a base drive with integral line reactor and input starter. Its simplified design lowers commissioning, training and maintenance time, and reduces costs.