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Portable filter clears the air in on-site welding jobsThe portable Nederman Fume Eliminator filter is designed for on-site maintenance and repairs where hazardous welding fumes could get into the air....

September 1, 2002 | By MRO Magazine

Portable filter clears the air in on-site welding jobs

The portable Nederman Fume Eliminator filter is designed for on-site maintenance and repairs where hazardous welding fumes could get into the air. Two models are available, the FE840 with manual start/stop, and the FE841 with automatic start/stop and filter-full indicator. Once the welding fumes have been filtered through the unit, the clean air is recirculated into the workshop. The 35-lb filter has a pre-separator, particle filter and fan all packed into an easy-to-carry case. It can be connected either to a welding torch with integrated extraction, or to one of three nozzles, all with magnetic bases for easy placement on any steel surface.

Nederman Canada

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High-temperature infrared thermometer comes in several models

Land Infrared has introduced a full range of high-temperature, portable, infrared Cyclops thermometers. Cyclops 53 is a general-purpose instrument, providing fast readings from 600C to 3,000C in steel, glass, refractories, heat treatment, semi-conductors and more applications. Cyclops 153 and 153A offer digital or both digital and analogue outputs, respectively. Protective rubber surfaces, lens hood and sealed switches, and built-in eye protection filter make these instruments suitable for use in hostile industrial environments such as steel and glass works. Cyclops MeltMaster is designed specifically to help reduce the cost of temperature measurement of liquid iron and steel in foundries, which traditionally is taken using disposable dip thermocouples. Temperature measurement ranges from 1,000C to 1,800C. The Cyclops FurnacePro features temperature measurement from 450C to 1,300C on gas and oil-fired furnaces. This model also can be used with a portable industrial computer to aid in true target temperature logging.

Land Instruments

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Aftermarket motor comes in two models

Two NEMA premium-efficiency integral motor designs that are compatible with C and D flange retrofits have been added to A.O. Smith’s line of fractional horsepower and integral horsepower motors for industrial applications. These open drip-proof motors come in two versions: a series ranging from 320 frame to 440 frame in outputs from 30 hp to 200 hp, and a 440-frame model that delivers from 250 hp to 400 hp output. Features include rugged ball bearings, cast-iron frame construction, Class B or F insulation and rigid-base mounting plates. The motors are designed for continuous-duty applications, including industrial pumps, fans, compressors and conveyors.

A.O. Smith Electrical Products

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Filter regulator suits sensitive pneumatic applications

The Balston 12E series of high-efficiency coalescing filter regulators is designed to capture all rust and pipe scale particles and remove all oil and water contaminants from the compressed air supply of pneumatic systems while providing accurate pressure regulation. A rolling diaphragm provides the regulation accuracy of traditional diaphragms and the long service life of a piston design. Available in 3/8-in. through 3/4-in. port sizes, the series is suitable for low- and high-flow applications with changing air flow.


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Stainless steel coupling works under tough conditions

Now available in stainless steel, the Rotex curved-jaw coupling from Ontario Drive & Gear is suitable for use in the food industry where heavy washdown is an issue. It can be used in almost any application, regardless of operating environment. Offered in six sizes, Rotex 19, 24, 28, 38, 42 and 48, the coupling allows for bores of up to 60 mm.

Ontario Drive & Gear

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System helps prevents

problems in aqueous systems

Filter Innovations has introduced a system based on electronic capacitor technology for the prevention of fouling in aqueous systems. It prevents scaling in chemical recovery systems, prevents biofouling in shower nozzles, heat exchangers and screens, and minimizes biocide and chemical use for proactive fresh water minimization.

Filter Innovations

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Fieldbus temperature transmitter has CSA approval

Emerson Process Management’s Rosemount Model 848T temperature transmitter with Foundation fieldbus capability is available for sale in Canada with CSA approvals. Part of the company’s PlantWeb field-based architecture, this low-cost unit has eight independently configurable channels to accept both RTD and thermocouple inputs. Up to 16 848T transmitters can be multi-dropped on a single pair of wires. The transmitter can be mounted in a hazardous area next to the process, to minimize expensive sensor wire runs. Temperature monitoring applications include those on distillation columns, tanks, reactors and boilers. Included are one multiple analogue input, eight analogue inputs and four input selector function blocks for application flexibility.

Emerson Process Management

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Catalogue depicts miniature clamps, rings

Oetiker’s newest catalogue describes clamps and rings for medical and electrical applications. Designed for outside diameters as small as 2.5 mm to assure leak-free sealing and fastening, they are suitable for hose supply lines carrying chemicals, ink, liquids and gases. Also included are clamps and rings for hoses and tubing connections for medical, bio-medical and pharmaceutical industries, and for electrical/electronic connections on computers, communication and robotic equipment, automotive harnesses, etc. Applications include food and beverage grade hose and tubing for dispensing equipment, single- or multiple-wire conductor electrical cables, nylon or wire braided hoses or tubing, co-axial cable, and medical pumps.


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Mill grease protects equipment in harsh environments

Timken premium mill grease is a calcium sulfonate complex grease formulated to provide protection in the intense operating conditions of steel and aluminum mills. Available in NLGI grades 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0, this mill grease prevents rust and corrosion while maintaining its consistency. Strong anti-wear properties, high oxidation resistance and good load-carrying characteristics suit it for anti-friction bearings, as well as roll necks, drive shafts, vertical edgers, liners and most other mill applications requiring grease. In addition, it can be used in centralized grease systems. It is offered in 15.9-kg (35-lb) pails and 181.4-kg (400-lb) drums.


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