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Food-grade lubrication fluids offer high level of purityDow Corning offers an array of 19 food-grade synthetic lubricating fluids and ultra-high-purity mineral oils marketed under the Molykote brand n...

February 1, 2003 | By MRO Magazine

Food-grade lubrication fluids offer high level of purity

Dow Corning offers an array of 19 food-grade synthetic lubricating fluids and ultra-high-purity mineral oils marketed under the Molykote brand name, including food-grade hydraulic fluids, oils for compressors, vacuum pumps, gearboxes and chains, as well as multi-purpose oils for a wide variety of machinery and components. They are part of the products and services that make up the company’s Molykote Lubrication Management Program. The food-grade oils meet USDA H-1 requirements for incidental food contact, and have Agriculture Canada approval. They are particularly suited for plant operation in the food and beverage industry due to their resistance to washout, oxidation and emulsification with water. In addition, to meet the temperature extremes from freezers to ovens, these oils have operating temperature ranges from minus 60C to plus 150C (minus 76F to plus 302F).

Dow Corning

Synthetic lubricant line is made for hostile environments


Loctite ViperLube synthetic lubricants are composed of synthetic PAO (polyalphaolefin) base stocks formulated to provide superior protection in the harsh environments associated with long-life industrial and severe-duty applications. Resistant to rust, corrosion and water, they offer good mechanical and thermal stability and high load-carrying capability. In addition, they also have low-temperature properties. The line consists of a NLGI Grade 2/severe duty GC-LB grease, a 90w gear oil and a 10w lightweight oil. All products are NSF H1 rated for incidental food contact. These products are suitable for severe-operating, high-temperature, high-humidity and heavy-duty applications in the steel, mining, pulp and paper, power generation, manufacturing, food processing and similar industries.

Henkel Loctite

Single-point lubricators enhance equipment performance

Timken G-Power and M-Power single-point, gas-powered and motorized lubrication devices connect to existing equipment grease or lubrication fittings and apply precise amounts of lubricant over a set period of time to bearings, chains, guideways, gears and seals. Proper lubrication extends component life and reduces equipment downtime. Available in three models, these lubricators are designed for traditional industrial settings, as well as high-humidity, high-corrosion, hygienically clean and low-ambient-temperature applications.


Grease is for low-noise applications

ExxonMobil has announced that it has received a U.S. patent relating to the manufacture of grease used in low-noise applications. The low-noise manufacturing process has been installed at the company’s Kansas grease plant for the manufacture of its Exxon Polyrex EM grease. This grease is used in many electric motor applications where low-noise performance is required.


Oil analysis is improved in expanded facility

Polaris Laboratories provides testing for oils, coolants, diesel fuels and industrial fluids for a diverse customer base that includes industrial plants, construction, mining, transportation, and oil and gas exploration, and production. The company is equipped with high-tech analytical instruments including several types of spectroscopy and instruments for testing physical properties of oils, coolants and fuels. This assists customers to extend oil drain intervals and pinpoint potential maintenance problems. The company’s headquarters are being relocated to a new, 15,000-sq-ft production laboratory in Indianapolis, Ind., which will increase testing capability and efficiency.

Polaris Laboratories

Backgrounder: The science of mineral oil

Most mineral oils are manufactured by refining, a solvent-based process that retains contaminants from a crude-oil source and which can lead to acid development and premature ageing of the oil.

Molykote mineral oils, on the other hand, are custom engineered at a molecular level to formulate ultra-high-purity base oils that meet target performance specifications.

They undergo hydrocracking to make a more stable and resistant molecule. The process results in a super-saturated molecular structure that has no receptive sites to attract water. The ingress of water causes a breakdown of oil viscosity and film strength.

In addition to their use in the food and beverage industry, Molykote fluids and lubricants are used in chemical/petrochemical, automotive manufacturing, power generation and the pulp and paper industries, as well as in a wide variety of maintenance and repair operations in general industrial facilities.

Dow Corning

Oil analysis program indicates when lubricant needs to be changed

An integrated oil analysis program featuring a proprietary chemical aging marker that pinpoints when to change plant lubricants is available from Dow Corning. Offered as part of the company’s Molykote lubrication management program, the oil analysis service tracks the condition of Molykote brand lubricants based on comparing running oil samples with their original properties. The analysis is structured to test the six key values of the lubricant, not just wear metals or corrosion. The lubricants contain an anti-oxidant additive that oil sample tracking identifies as an aging marker. The ability to predict the condition of the remaining oil is then possible due to the computer-driven analysis protocol, which integrates the oil-aging data with information about the lubrication performance and the typical requirements of the application. Needless oil changes are minimized, cutting overall maintenance costs.

Dow Corning

Device allows bearing units to vent excess grease

A newly patented fluid control device from Winnipeg, Man., can increase bearing life and help protect the environment in greased bearing applications. The Lube Vent Block allows better sealing of bearing units without over-greased bearing failures by allowing the bearing to vent excess grease in relation to the rotational speed of the unit. It also replenishes the bearing with a fresh grease mixture.

L.A. Solutions Ltd.

Lubrication products reduce equipment downtime

LubeSite automatic lubrication devices provide a systematic approach to both single and multi-point lubrication in a wide range of industrial operations. Automatic lubrication takes the guesswork out of bearing maintenance and keeps machines running efficiently. Products include gravity drip-feed oilers, wick-feed oilers, brush-fed chain oilers, manual and automatic centralized oil lubrication system kits, and time-release single-point grease dispensers.

LubeSite Systems

Improvements enhance automatic lube system

The System 24 automatic lubrication system from SKF has been enhanced by the addition of the company’s DialSet program, Mini-Luber and custom fill program. Available on diskette, DialSet is a calculation program which determines the right time setting and amount for lubrication of all bearings in a customer’s facility. The Mini-Luber expands lubrication to small or lightly loaded bearings, while the custom fill program ensures the correct lubricant is used for each application.

SKF Canada

Reference book covers solid lubricating films

Part of the Materials Engineering series from Dekker, Solid Lubrication Fundamentals and Applications by Kazuhisa Miyoshi, senior research scientist and engineer at NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio, is a 416-page book that presents the latest advances in the production of wear-resistant, self-lubricating coatings for enhanced performance in harsh environmental conditions. Included with over 350 drawings, photographs, tables and equations are case studies for real-world solutions to industrial and aerospace challenges, as well as effective engineering strategies for self-lubricating diamond films. The book discusses the most recent methods in the construction of diamond surfaces, detailing the structural and mechanical properties of diamond and diamond-like films, chemical-vapour-deposite
d diamond film technology, friction mechanisms on clean and smooth surfaces and the effect of surface contamination on adhesion and friction.


Engine oil meets global DHD-1 performance specification

Formulated to meet stringent emission standards, Petro-Canada’s Duron XL 15W-40 heavy-duty engine oil meets the global DHD-1 diesel engine performance specification. It also meets or surpasses Cummins CES 20076 and Mack EO-M Plus specifications. The global DHD-1 specification was developed to provide a single standardized set of heavy-duty engine oil specifications meeting North American API CH-4, European ACEA E5 and Japanese JASO DH-1 requirements. The oil is available in bulk 205-L drums, 20-L pails, and 4-L and 1-L bottles.


Brochure covers wide range of lube products

SKF’s Maintenance and Lubrication Products brochure illustrates its range of pullers, fitting tools, heaters, oil power, lubricants, lubricators and instruments. These products are designed for all bearing sizes and types and for a wide range of applications. Colour photos and technical data are provided for each product.

SKF Canada


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