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Products for Harsh Environments: Tough conditions?

Bearing series is designed for extreme serviceKoyo Canada has introduced several lines of bearings designed for extreme environments and other special operating conditions. Originally designed for hig...

September 1, 2001 | By MRO Magazine

Bearing series is designed for extreme service

Koyo Canada has introduced several lines of bearings designed for extreme environments and other special operating conditions. Originally designed for high-temperature and hard-vacuum environments, the range now includes ultra high speed, lightweight, electrical and magnetic insulation and extreme corrosion resistance. Various combinations of materials are used, such as martensitic and precipitation hardened stainless steels, ceramics and fluorocarbon resins, and various coatings such as PTFE.

Koyo Canada

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Soft neoprene wheel reduces workplace fatigue

Darcor, a manufacturer of casters and wheels specializing in workplace ergonomics, has added the improved, cut-resistant 400PD neoprene wheel to its product line. Featuring maintenance-free precision sealed bearings, low rolling resistance and reduced noise, this rugged yet soft wheel offers increased impact resistance in the most punishing applications. Its capacity of 400 lb to 700 lb enables it to withstand severe impact loading.

Darcor Casters

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Corrosion-resistant filters protect large compressed air/gas systems

Extremely high flow rates of compressed air or gases can be purified quickly and efficiently using Oil-XPlus flanged filters, available in five filtration grades. Special filter grades also are available for high-temperature applications and for applications involving corrosive gases. Generally designed and manufactured in accordance with ASME VIII in corrosion-resistant carbon steel, these filters also come in other materials and to all international pressure vessel codes. Flow rates start at 170 l/sec. (357 scfm), but the filters can be manufactured to meet any flow rate requirement. Typical applications include factory ring mains, petrochemical and special gas industries, offshore oil/gas industries and fuel gas filtration of turbine generators.

Domnick Hunter

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Cylinder line features composite body

Premair disposable cylinders feature a rugged, corrosion-resistant composite body construction built for demanding machine installations and environments, including wet and wash-down operations, where metal cylinders are often exposed to corrosion, premature failure and denting. Available in five common bore sizes, three functional styles and four mounting options, the factory-lubricated cylinder is a practical answer to long-life corrosion- and dent-resistant linear motion.


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Linear slide package withstands hostile environments

Pacific Bearing’s plane bearing linear slide family of Dolphin guides is available with an integrated motor and controller package. Performing well in corrosive, harsh and contaminated environments, these systems feature the self-lubricating bearing material FrelonGold, the same material as used in the Simplicity linear bearing line. The material is bonded directly to the one-piece carriage, eliminating metal-to-metal contact and shaft damage. The wiping action of the guides keeps contamination clear, resulting in smooth, consistent linear motion. These systems are available in three sizes, ranging from 75 mm to 125 mm, using a coated lead screw and polymer nut driven by standard NEMA 17, 23 or 34 stepper motors.

Pacific Bearing

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Speed reducer series comes in 12 sizes

Dodge has introduced the Torque-Arm II shaft-mount speed reducer family, comprising 12 case sizes through 400 hp and 500,000 lb in. torque ratings. These modular speed reducers feature a new backstop design that operates with standard and EP lubricants and centrifugal lift-off sprags for extended life. The premium sealing system with a lipped metal excluder seal protects the standard double-lipped rubber-coated seals. All reducers can be shaft mounted, screw conveyor, vertical or flange mounted.

Rockwell Automation

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Tank washer has durable construction

The AA190 tank washer is suitable for cleaning medium to large tanks up to 10.4 m (34 ft) in diameter, using high-impact solid stream spray tips for maximum cleaning performance with minimal liquid consumption. Its spray head fits through a 95-mm (3.75-in.) diameter tank opening. Weighing just under 7 kg (16 lb), this portable unit is constructed of corrosion-resistant materials, including 316 stainless steel with Teflon fluoropolymer resin seals. An explosion-proof motor is available. Flow rates range from 12 lpm to 168 lpm (3.1 gpm to 44.5 gpm).

John Brooks Company

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Actuated ball valve handles adverse conditions

Built to withstand harsh environments, high pressures and corrosive conditions, Dwyer Instruments Series BV2C actuated ball valve is a tough, versatile valve mounted to a pneumatic, spring-return actuator. The two-piece ball valve, made from 316 stainless steel, incorporates a full port design for maximum Cv with minimal pressure drop and bubble-tight shut-off to 1,000 psig. Available in 1/4-in. to 2-in. valve sizes, the valve is particularly suited for use in the food and diary, chemical, and pulp and paper industries.


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Tough bearing material stands up to continuous submersion

Graphite Metallizing Corporation offers GraphAllast, a natural-rubber-based self-lubricating bearing material that survives run-dry conditions. This environmentally friendly material also permits tight bearing-to-shaft clearances for improved rotor stability and reduced vibration levels. Tough, hard and resilient, the material is suited for continuous operation when submerged in liquids containing abrasives such as sand, raw water, sewage and more. Offering a maximum operating temperature of 150F, it is available in a variety of sleeve bearing configurations to suit a range of industrial applications, such as service water pumps, utility sump pumps, sewage treatment agitators, hydraulic turbines, rotating washers and travelling water screens.

Graphite Metallizing Corporation

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Inductive sensor keeps out of trouble

An extra-long sensing range keeps Balluff’s AC/DC Proximax inductive sensor out of impact danger in welding, machining and foundry applications. Available in M12 and M18 tubular versions, the sensor features a Duroplast thermoset-resin face that resists abrasion, pitting, hot chips and weld slag. It is immune to virtually all solvents, coolants, lubricants and cleaning fluids and is rated IP68 for pressures to 25 bar (360 psi). Teflon-coated versions also are available for welding applications. A range of sensors is offered in 12-mm and 18-mm shielded versions, with sensing ranges of 4 mm to 8 mm in PNP/NPN and cable/connector styles.


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Condensate drain valve pays its way

The Domnick Hunter ED2000 series of electronic condensate drain valves permits condensate discharge without allowing any compressed air to escape. Compact and easy to install, this cost-effective drain operates with an intelligent double capacitive sensing probe that has no moving parts, handling all types of compressed air condensate, even in aggressive oil-free systems. It is completely automatic and requires no adjustment for pressure or volume of condensate.

Domnick Hunter

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Vibration monitor protects machinery in extreme conditions

The Entek Sentinel machine vibration monitor provides cost-effective and continuous vibration monitoring and protection for industrial machinery. The unit can be placed directly on a machine’s vibrating surface. Most commonly applied to machines such as industrial centrifuges and rock grinders, the monitor features a rugged, all-in-one design that withstands the harshest environments, particularly those in
which dirt and grime may interfere with operations, such as machines in the oil and gas, cement, power or petrochemical industries. It is designed to withstand temperatures from minus 30C to plus 70C and continuous vibration up to 50g.

Rockwell Automation/Entek

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Rubber cordsets are impervious to harmful fluids

Designed to exceed most mechanical standards in punishing applications, the G-Series M12 extreme-duty rubber cordsets from Turck have a long, heavy brass coupling nut that, combined with CPE rubber cable, is suitable for tough applications in many industrial environments. These rugged cordsets withstand continuous exposure to oil, weld slag, solvents, lubricating and cutting fluids, ozone, UV light, abrasion, wash down and vibration. The coupling nut enables them to tolerate repeated impact at the connection point without damage. Performing in temperatures as low as minus 50C (minus 60F), the cordsets are offered with 18 AWG CPE rubber cable with three- and four-pin conductors for cordsets and extensions in standard or custom lengths.

Chartwell Electronics

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Oven chain lubricant comes in many formulations

Chains and bearings in high-temperature ovens are difficult to lubricate properly and often suffer from short lives. In order to combat this problem, Lubrication Engineers has announced an expanded line of five oven chain lubricants and three high-temperature greases to meet the needs of most oven temperature ranges. These lubricants offer dollar savings by cutting equipment failure and increasing production. The line includes 2700 Almasol oven chain lubricant, a colloidal suspension of solid lubricants in oil suitable for use up to 482C (900F), and 9963 Synolec pure synthetic chain lubricant that dissipates slowly at high temperatures.

Lubrication Engineers

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Durable hose reel withstands corrosive environments

Retract hose reels from Macnaught are for use in high-humidity industrial environments, such as pulp mills or food plants, where the frequent water wash-down can be very corrosive to metal. Made of strong, weather-resistant, corrosion-proof, UV-stabilized polypropylene, the industrial-quality reels automatically rewind the hose. Reels are available for hoses with hot water, cold water, compressed air, oil, grease, foam cleaners and oxy-acetylene, and more.

Lubrication Engineers

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Small-horsepower motor line includes explosion-proof model

Explosion-proof motors are among a complete line of WEG single-phase motors and three-phase fractional motors. These motors are the prime sources of power for many small-horsepower applications in industry. The line includes 48 and 56 frame motors, HVAC motors, capacitor motors and permanent split capacitor motors.

VJ Pamensky

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Portable pipe vise slides on to clamp, slides off when done

The Quick-Vise portable vise from Record Hand Tools attaches to bases in different places, without losing the durability and reliability of stationary vises. Featuring a slide-and-lock mounting system, a base can be mounted wherever the clamp is needed, and the vise locks solidly into the base. With this convenience comes strength. At 3.5 lb, the vise is light enough to carry around to job sites, but sturdy enough for heavy-duty jobs, withstanding over 1/4 ton of clamping pressure. Rubberized pads offer a tight, non-damaging grip on materials. The pads are removable and reveal grooves at 45, 90 and 180 degrees to hold pipes and other cylindrical objects securely. Manufactured primarily from glass-filled nylon for strength and durability, the vise needs no lubrication.

American Tool Companies Canada

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Low ambient valve operates in extreme cold

Low ambient valves from Ascolectric are designed for extremely cold environments. They can withstand temperatures of minus 40C/F. A broad variety of sizes is offered, ranging from 1/4 in. NPT to 1-1/2 in. NPT and including two-, three- and four-way models. These valves serve industries that must operate in harsh weather conditions, such as at petro-chemical companies, as well as refineries of all types.


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Protective apparel is comfortable to wear

Tough New Tyvek fabric for the protective apparel industry combines barrier protection and durability with a softer feel and an enhanced level of comfort, boasting a breathability four times that of traditional Tyvek to help fight heat stress. The material, which keeps out even microscopic particles while letting air and moisture vapour pass through, is a barrier through and through, not a coating or a laminate that can scratch off or wear away. It is 25% tougher than traditional Tyvek.

DuPont Canada

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Vibration data collector is easy to use

The Vibscanner lightweight data collector, a measuring instrument for machine analysis, data collecting and field balancing, features built-in sensors for the following machine parameters: vibration acceleration, displacement and velocity according to ISO standards, as well as shock pulse for bearing damage and lubrication condition, pump cavitation, process parameters, inspection codes, temperature and RPM. Options for vibration spectrum and one- or two-plane balancing also are available. Joystick navigation and backlit graphic display make operation easy. The collected measurement data can be trended, analyzed and archived with Omnitrend PC software. The unit is housed in an IP 65 shockproof, waterproof enclosure.

Hyatt Industries

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Chemical-resistant work glove is soft on the hand

Best Glove has introduced an improved PVC-coated chemical-resistant glove, the Neo Hyde, featuring a soft, comfortable, two-piece jersey liner and a crinkle finish that grips well in wet or dry conditions. The PVC coating provides tough abrasion resistance as well as protection from oil, acids and caustics. Available in either knit wrist cuff style or in a gauntlet of three lengths, this washable glove protects against rough surfaces such as metal castings and steel stampings. Applications include automotive assembly, pipe fitting, wood processing and handling chemicals.

Best Glove Manufacturing

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Durable air-operated diaphragm pump keeps on going

The line of Aro 2-in., stainless steel, air-operated diaphragm pumps is designed to cut downtime. They have Quick Dump technology for ice-free air motor operation, Simul-Shift air valve technology for stall-free air operation, bolted construction for leak-free operation, convoluted diaphragms for long life and low-maintenance, and a lube-free air valve. Delivering 170 gpm, the pumps have stainless steel castings that provide low shear and low material turbulence, easy flushing, low weight and superior chemical compatibility with good abrasion resistance. This rugged transfer pump stands up to the aggressive production demands of chemical process industries.


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Lubricants thrive in ultra-high- temperature applications

The line of Krytox XHT lubricants from DuPont is designed for extremely high-temperature applications with low oil evaporation that extends the life of bearings in industrial applications. A blend of low-volatility oils, additives and thickeners, these lubricants protect bearing surfaces that are subjected to high heat conditions, allowing systems to be operated above the limits of other high-temperature lubricants. Durable in the most aggressive environments, the product is formulated to meet the demands of industries experiencing production downtime due to extreme operating temperatures, lasting longer and so minimizing reapplication. Krytox performance lubricants, based on fluoropolymer technolog
y, withstand temperatures from minus 70F to plus 762F, with spikes up to 800F. They are non-flammable and chemically inert. The product is clean, white and non-migrating, and is compatible with all elastomers and plastics. Industrial applications include paint plant conveyor bearings, corrugator and paper machine bearings, welding machines, high-temperature fans and ovens, textile equipment, valve lubrication and ventilation fan bearing grease.

DuPont Performance Lubricants

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Catalog details line of fastening/marking products

Panduit’s full-colour, 32-page catalogue describes the company’s Pan Steel system of fastening and marking products for use in harsh environments. These weather-, chemical- and radiation-resistant products feature high strength and long life, withstand temperature extremes and provide permanent identification. Highlighting the line of self-locking stainless steel ties, the catalogue also features a wide range of banding and strapping systems, marking devices, marker plates and tags, mounts, etc. Included with each product description are features, benefits, specifications and photographs.


Reader Service Card No. 391

Nozzles come in durable materials

WindJet nozzles from John Brooks Company are designed to generate a quiet, efficient flat fan distribution of compressed air. Also available are nozzles that produce a tightly directed round spray pattern. Both types are offered in materials such as durable ABS plastic, chemical-resistant PPS, sturdy aluminum and stainless steel for applications such as blowing air to remove water before painting, and for heating and cooling applications. Blow-off nozzles are designed specifically for use with air and produce a uniform flat spray pattern. One-piece nozzles also offer a wide-angle flat spray pattern with medium velocity and a large, unobstructed air volume passage that minimizes clogging.

John Brooks Company

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Scraper option cuts maintenance on rolling ring linear actuators

An optional attachment for Amacoil/ Uhing’s line of rolling ring linear actuators reduces maintenance costs by automatically cleaning dirt and debris from the actuator drive shaft. The optional scrapers are mounted on either end of the linear actuator and prevent build-up of such particulate contaminants as dust, wood/paper pulp and metal chips. Scrapers also are available with grease fittings which automatically lubricate the linear actuator shaft. These attachments virtually eliminate the need to stop production to clean the actuator drive shaft.


Reader Service Card No. 342

Power monitor enclosure shuts out dust, dirt, mud, moisture

Designed to repel dirt and damp, the Dranetz-BMI LPC4300 enclosure is for the Power Platform 4300 portable power quality monitor. This sturdy product is rated for harsh NEMA 4-X environments, and comes with sealed, weather-proof moulded cables to connect to the electric power system. Also included are security features, such as a lockable case and provision for a security cable.


Reader Service Card No. 338

Industrial lube protects against harsh conditions

Advanex 30 industrial lubricant protects parts and equipment from harsh and corrosive environments. Safe for use on most plastics and metals, it has a high flash point, uses a non-flammable propellant, contains no CFCs and is not ozone-depleting. It features a 360 invertible valve for ease of spraying. The lubricant penetrates quickly, both indoors and out, to displace surface moisture and free frozen and corroded parts. The thin layer protects bearings, switches, panels, terminals, motors, generators, fasteners, bushings and other industrial and electrical equipment from such corrosive conditions as chemical residue and salt spray.


Reader Service Card No. 339

Welding generator fights harsh elements

Miller Electric’s Big Blue 502 diesel-engine-driven welding generator features a stainless steel case and hardware. The entire unit is sealed against the outside environment, making it suitable for such locations as off-shore oil platforms, fertilizer plants, mines, and paper and steel mills. Its protective features include rust-proof 304 brushed stainless steel case and hardware, and three varnish layers on the reactor. The solid-state control board is in a sealed housing, and connections are made through water-tight plugs that make it impenetrable to moisture, salt, dust and other corrosive elements.

Miller Electric

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Space-age coating toughens aluminum alloys

First developed to prevent wear and galling of aluminum parts on NASA space vehicles, General Magnaplate’s Tufram surface coating can be used on aluminum components in the manufacturing, processing and packaging industries. This family of coatings combines the hardness of aluminum oxide ceramic with the properties of selected proprietary polymers, providing aluminum parts with high levels of hardness, wear and corrosion resistance, and permanent lubricity. Up to 15,000 hours of protection is offered. An ultra-thin version, Tufram 2000, features a thickness of 0.0005 in. to 0.0007 in., yet still provides high resistance to wear and corrosion.

General Magnaplate

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Corrosive-duty motor withstands chemical attack

U.S. Electrical Motors builds the Corro-Duty motor to withstand the harsh, corrosive atmospheres found in tough industrial environments. These motors drive the continuous process line from main to support equipment. Protection from dust and chemical spray is afforded by premium-quality varnishes and coatings. Low temperature rise, Class F insulating materials and a rugged bearing system extend the life of the motor. An extended grease fitting makes for easy maintenance.

U.S. Electrical Motors

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Composite bearing material stands up to tough environments

Formulated for extreme applications, Meco 3000 PTFE-composite bearing material features low surface coefficient of friction, high temperature capability and good compressive strength. It is a cost-effective alternative to rolling-element bearings in a broad range of chemical environments. High inherent lubricity makes it suitable for dry-running applications where lubricant contamination must be avoided. Custom sleeve bearings are available for a variety of shaft sizes.

Woodex Bearing Company

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High-temperature grease cuts equipment downtime

DuPont Performance Lubricants introduces the line of Krytox XHT greases, designed for extremely high-temperature applications. Low oil evaporation extends bearing life in industrial applications. This blend of low-volatility oils and additives and thickeners increases adhesion to protect bearing surfaces that are subjected to high heat conditions. The greases are effective in temperature ranges up to 399C (762F). In addition to the aerospace and automotive industries, the greases are suitable for many industrial applications, such as paint plant conveyor bearings, corrugator and paper machine bearings, welding machines, high-temperature fans and ovens, conveyor systems in glass and aluminum plants, brick kiln car bearings, rod mills and valves. Based on fluoropolymer technology, the clean, white, non-migrating lubricant is non-flammable and chemically inert. It is compatible with all elastomers and plastics.


Reader Service Card No. 347

Rugged control valve won’t leak

Designed for the control of water, steam, gas and vacuum, the VC-210 Mini-Max control valve is single seated and bellows sealed to prevent stem leakage. This rugged model is built with stainless steel investment cast body with stainless steel trim. A wide selection provides the valve action, seating materials and flow characteristics for most control applications. T
he corrosion-resistant valve is constructed with an anti-torque shaft. Customers may choose from full-ported or low-flow designs, and may select either two- or three-way valves.


Reader Service Card No. 345

Forming paste is for tough metalworking applications

Lubegard forming paste from International Lubricants is fortified with a liquid wax ester LXE technology developed from renewable resources in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. A Boeing commercial airplane group certified product, this paste offers extreme-pressure lubrication, facilitating tube bending, stretch forming, press braking, swaging and similar applications. Providing improved surface finish and an extended tool life, the product is cost effective and may be used on all types of metals, including sensitive metals such as copper and brass. It contains no hazardous materials and is biodegradable, residue-free and easily cleaned with water.

International Lubricants

Reader Service Card No. 346

Capacitive accelerometer is for harsh industrial use

The Series 650 capacitive accelerometer from the IMI Sensors division of PCB Piezotronics measures low-frequency, low-level vibrations of large machines, such as slow rotating rolls and heavy equipment, as well as structural integrity. Featuring strong output signals, low noise operation, shock protection to 3,000,g and the ability to measure true DC acceleration, the units are encased in stainless steel housings and offer hermetically sealed construction, sensitivities up to 1 V/g and rugged four-pin military connectors or integral cables. A variety of powering options accommodates portable battery operation.

IMI Sensors

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“I just didn’t realize that your jurisdiction went this far”

Hydra-Cell Industrial Pumps, Wanner Engineering, has introduced the D15 positive displacement diaphragm pump. Featuring an available operating pressure of up to 2,500 psi and flow rates up to 12.5 gpm, this low-maintenance, high-pressure pump is designed to handle a variety of fluids, from caustic to acid, hot or cold, thick or abrasive. Welded flanges are suitable for petrochemical and other critical installations.

Wanner Engineering

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