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Continuous caster bearing has component design for easy handling

Continuous caster bearing has component design for easy handling

Timken has introduced a line of easy-to-install, high-capacity bearings for demanding continuous caster applications in the metal industry. The Adapt bearing is used in the float position in strand roll support segments. Each bearing consists of a cylindrical inner ring, an outer ring with a proprietary outer race profile and a roller/retainer assembly that features specially profiled rollers with a snap-in retainer. This component design simplifies inspection and removal, while also allowing operators to independently change parts as needed during maintenance, saving time and costs.

The Timken Company

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Work boots fit comfortably all day

Designed for harsh conditions, Blundstone’s lightweight and durable CSA-approved Greenpatch footwear features added cushioning for all-day comfort and a heat-formed heel for a snug fit. Deluxe Poron footbeds provide support for the back and heels. Weatherproof elastic and leather keep the feet dry, while also allowing them to breathe. For safety in tough environments, a broad-fitting tempered steel, Grade 1 safety toe cap protects the toes. The injection-moulded soles are heat, slip, oil, acid and electric shock resistant.


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Hose sleeve protects operator from injury

The Guardian hose sleeve from Eaton protects equipment operators from potential injuries resulting from hose failures. The ultra-tight, polyamide six-weave construction enables it to restrain hose bursts at pressures up to 16,000 psi, deflect 1-mm pinhole leaks at 4,000 psi and provide durability of up to 250,000 abrasion cycles. Compatible with most chemicals associated with fluid-conveyance applications, the sleeve meets the “Line of Sight” operator protection regulations EN982 ISO norm 833 EN414 and ISO 3457, as well as industry standards for abrasion and flame resistance. It is available for -4 through -24 hose sizes.


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Service agreements allow

successful drive rebuilds

If an SEW-Eurodrive needs rebuilding, that is no time to compromise on its original quality, the company advises. Its factory technicians follow strict guidelines developed through years of successful rebuilds. If the existing stator isn’t up to standard, it’s never rewound, but replaced. Wear items such as bearings are automatically replaced with the originally specified replacement parts, not ‘will-fits’ that may compromise the performance of the drive.


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Threadlocker tape makes no mess

Henkel’s Loctite QuickTape 249 general-purpose threadlocker tape is dry to the touch and packaged in a convenient 260-in. roll. Clean and mess-free, this medium-strength, low-tack, anaerobic threadlocker can be carried in a pocket or toolbox, and can be pre-applied to fasteners for future assembly. To apply, it is simply peeled from the spool and wrapped around the fastener’s threads, with the size of the fastener determining the number of wraps required, and it is removable with hand tools. It fixtures in 30 mins., and full cure is achieved in 24 hours. Operating temperature range is minus 65°F to plus 300°F.


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Speed reducer is designed for robustness

The Dodge Motorized Torque-Arm II speed reducer features a rugged, AGMA-rated design that offers long life, premium HNBR oil seals with excluder seal technology and a straddle mount input pinion for maximum torque throughout. The reducer mounts in multiple positions for a compact, flexible design, and is easily paired with a standard Baldor-Reliance NEMA C-face motor.

Kinecor LP

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