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March 31, 2020  

Condition-Based Maintenance Will Not Stop Your Machines From Failing

By John Lambert The ultimate goal for anyone in

March 23, 2020  

Main Electrical Substation Upgrades

BY Philip Chow and Bavan Poologarajah Design Considerations, Planning,

March 16, 2020  

Maintenance 4.0 Vs. CMMS

Maintenance 4.0 is synonymous with Industry 4.0 and Factory

March 10, 2020  

Types of Condition-Based Monitoring

Years ago, I wrote a vibration analysis article: It

March 4, 2020  

Canadian Truck King Challenge Conquers Mid-Size Trucks

The 13th edition of the Canadian Truck King Challenge

March 3, 2020  

What’s Up Doug: Preserving Assembled Bearings

Recently, I was asked was what to do with

February 18, 2020  

The Skinny on the Current State of Heavy-Duty Engine Oils

As environmental concerns permeate virtually every facet of the

February 18, 2020  

Benefits of Using CMMS Software

Hippo CMMS has been involved in maintenance management for

February 10, 2020  

Optimization Guide for CMMS Selection and Utilization

In order to fully realize all the benefits of

February 3, 2020  

Importance of Lubrication Management as a Foundation to Any Preventative Maintenance Program

A review of the benefits of a robust lubrication

January 31, 2020  

Super Duty Shows its Capability in the Desert

Story and Photos by: Mario Cywinski Around 10 years

January 27, 2020  

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance (PM) is necessary to keep equipment running

January 24, 2020  

MRO Roundtable

Maintenance professionals discuss topics vital to their facilities. MRO

January 20, 2020  

The Controversy of Fully Loading the Weekly Schedule 100 Per Cent

BY: Doc Palmer TIP: Don’t schedule fewer hours to

January 13, 2020  

Hot Bearings

A common report is “I’ve got a hot bearing”

January 6, 2020  

Importance of Proper Bolt Torque in Power Transmission

By Michael Dunn Threaded fasteners are one of the

January 3, 2020  

Overcome the Challenges of Implementing Maintenance 4.0

Digital transformation and the power of big data are

December 30, 2019  

Lexus Invests in Canadian Operations

In 2019, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada (TMMC) announced that

December 16, 2019  

Data Collection Necessary for Effective Failure Analysis

Equipment reliability is the ability of a component or

December 9, 2019  

Reliability- Centred Maintenance in Batteries

Reliability-centred maintenance (RCM) is a service strategy that provides

December 2, 2019  

Reducing Electrical Hazards in Maintenance Welding

Welding in any workplace introduces many hazards that must

November 25, 2019  

Equipment Restoration and Lubrication Standards

There have been many books written about the importance

November 22, 2019  

MRO’s 2020 Truck Preview

After an influx of new products hit the truck

November 20, 2019  

Two trends the PT/MC industry can’t ignore

By: Rehana Begg Digital purchasing power and talent acquisition

November 19, 2019  

Traditional and Condition Based Greasing

Most bearings are lubricated with grease and most users

November 11, 2019  

Cost Savings With a VFD and its Build-In PLC (SoftPLC)

In conventional applications, pumps or fans should be run

November 4, 2019  

The Future of Maintenance

The Industrial Maintenance 2019 Study, which was sponsored by

October 28, 2019  

Best Practices For Steam Control Values

By: Jason Carpenter Select options that handle wide flow

October 21, 2019  

Oil Analysis

“Basic Wear” Programs Provide Inadequate Condition Monitoring. Many equipment

October 14, 2019  

Better Your Maintenance Skills by Better Understanding Torque

“Click!” That’s the magic sound many technicians wait to