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October 5, 2021  

How digital pneumatics add fast conversion flexibility to food packaging systems

Coffee, sugar, salt, pepper, artificial sweeteners, non-dairy creamer, even spice mixes, nowadays, and more food items are packaged in small, low-cost sachets for take-out, delivery, or for airline and hospital meal trays.

October 5, 2021  

How Surveillance Solutions Can Keep Food and Beverage Manufacturing at the Forefront of Their Operation

There’s no time for downtime in a food and beverage production facility. No matter the cause, interruptions may have deep financial implications.

October 1, 2021  

Manufacturing Best Practices for Preventive Maintenance

How much preventive maintenance should you be doing?

September 14, 2021  

Slippage of Rolling Elements in Ball and Roller Bearings

There is often a discussion about minimum load in bearings to prevent skidding.
However, the issue is more complex than a simple relationship with the applied load to the bearing.

September 14, 2021  

VIDEO: The Skilled Labour Shortage is a Myth

At the recent Maintenance and Reliability in a Changed

August 30, 2021  

Canadian Dairy Market Aims for Compliance and Meeting Market Demands, Aided by Hygienic Design Solutions

The Canadian dairy sector was influenced by two major trends in 2020: The COVID-19 crisis and the Canada-U.S.-Mexico Trade Agreement (CUSMA).

August 30, 2021  

OPINION: New 2021 Trends in Food and Beverage Industry Brought by COVID-19

EDITOR’S LETTER from June 2021 issue of Food and Beverage Engineering and Maintenance.

August 30, 2021  

Standardize Maintenance and Ensure Safety and Compliance with a CMMS

One of the most common reasons an organization
with multiple plants and locations implements a computerized maintenance management system
(CMMS) is to standardize maintenance operations
and workflow processes.

August 30, 2021  

EMC – Being Competitive in the Food Industry Today

Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC), our Food and Beverage

August 30, 2021  

Repairs, Service, and Ramping Up After COVID-19

Many companies are struggling to get back to normal as COVID-19 concerns are reduced, then raised again.

August 25, 2021  

VIDEO: Future of Manufacturing

At the recent Maintenance and Reliability in a Changed

August 24, 2021  

How to Improve Long-term Reliability of Heavy Equipment

The strategies to improve equipment reliability have always been a subject of key interest within the community of reliability engineers.

August 4, 2021  

How to Streamline World Class Maintenance and other Equipment Improvement Activities

There are many equipment improvement programs available for maintenance departments with the purpose of improving equipment reliability. Many of these programs fail to produce the improvements they promise for a number of reasons.

August 4, 2021  

OPINION: Maintenance is all-encompassing

EDITOR’S NOTEBOOK (June 2021 issue of MRO Magazine)

July 26, 2021  

Digitalization, Operations Technology, and the Importance of Data Quality

The subject of data quality is not a particularly exciting one, and this is likely why it is often overlooked or just pushed off to the side.

July 20, 2021  

VIDEO: Bearing Lubrication and Health Insights Made Simple

At the recent MRO/DE Expo, the on-demand MRO stream

July 9, 2021  

VIDEO: Effective Asset Management

Discussion on how effective asset management starts with good assets.

July 9, 2021  

MRO Quiz: Troubleshooting power transmission coupling problems

Power transmission couplings connect two shafts that turn in the same direction on one centerline.
Three principle types exist; rigid, flexible and special purpose.

July 9, 2021  

Lightning Strikes with Electric Ford F-150

Electric vehicles are nothing new, they have been around much longer than many people realize. Innovators who have tried to make electricity work in a vehicle, have usually come up against a number of prohibiting factors, with cost usually being on top, but another major factor being consumer adoption.

June 30, 2021  

Talent Canada Addresses How Organizations Can Overcome Hate and Inspire Societal Change

Talent Canada, a national media brand that looks at

June 30, 2021  

CanREA’s Operations Summit focuses on flexibility issues

The Canadian Renewable Energy Association (CanREA) hosted a one-day

June 25, 2021  

PEMAC’s Lunch and Learn Webcast: Women in Engineering

PEMAC has observed International Women in Engineering Day by

June 24, 2021  

VIDEO: The Collection and Value of Machine Generated Data

At the recent MRO/DE Expo, the morning keynote was

June 24, 2021  

VIDEO: Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

Examples of Great Results and Why Planning and Scheduling Work.

June 22, 2021  

PEMAC GTA Chapter on Demystifying Machine Learning

PEMAC Asset Management Association of Canada GTA Chapter hosted

June 14, 2021  

Five Things You Need to Implement a Precision Maintenance Program

Precision maintenance can be used as a process improvement strategy. A strategy that will
pay dividends.

June 8, 2021  

Did the ISO 55000 PC251 miss a word

The PC251 team that developed the asset management – management systems standard 5500X may have missed the one word that is essential for achieving sustainable asset management.

June 8, 2021  

Bearings and Value to Production Facilities

Let’s use an example of a mining/cement operation to illustrate the value that bearings bring to production facilities.

May 17, 2021  

Asset Management – What is it and where did it come from?

Over the last few years, a new term has become more popular in the world of maintenance and reliability and its asset management.

May 7, 2021  

Interview with Andrea Descargar from Green City Plastics Inc.

MRO’s associate editor, Maryam Farag, spoke with Andrea Descargar, Director of Global Supply Chain Development, Green City Plastics Inc., as part of Women in Manufacturing’s Conversations with Industry Leaders series.