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February 7, 2023  

OPINION: Food price summit hard to see

In what seems to be a never ending narrative,

February 2, 2023  

MRO Roundtable – Difficulty making business improvements in reliability and maintenance

At the recent PEMAC Maintrain conference, MRO ran its

January 31, 2023  

How an Ontario SME cookie manufacturer is navigating inflation

Inflation solutions with Hollandia Bakery’s president

January 31, 2023  

On the clock: Optimizing shift work for well-being and productivity

The global food economy never sleeps.

January 13, 2023  

Automation and its effect on labour

The adoption of automation leads directly to reduced work content and the loss of jobs.

January 11, 2023  

What to do with MP2

For the second time in its history, MP2 is on the chopping block.

January 6, 2023  

The future of maintenance

This change in future is outside of maintenance. It resides in the education systems that feed our industries with maintainers and business leaders.

January 4, 2023  

Do you have fugitive materials on the loose?

Defend your conveyor profitability.

December 12, 2022  

MRO Pro Tip – Preventing bottlenecks

EXPERT: Amanda Stefanovic, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at

December 8, 2022  

MRO Pro Tip – Controlling Air Quality

EXPERT: Julien Rouette, President at Capt-Air. TOPIC: How to

November 29, 2022  

How intelligent and regular machine safety audits can protect a workforce in the manufacturing industry

Safety comes at a cost, but a cost which will never be greater than the danger presented to an unprotected workforce.

November 17, 2022  

Three questions to ask before upgrading your radio remote control technology

Effective and operational radio remote control technology enhances safety, streamlines vision for machine operators and increases efficiency.

November 15, 2022  

Recognizing the causes of rolling element bearing failures 

Assuming proper design, application, and lubrication, rolling element bearings will fail sooner or later due to their natural material fatigue life limit, but all bearings will fail prematurely from abuse or neglect.

November 10, 2022  

Bearings and the environment

Rolling element bearings and their maintenance can affect the environment.

November 10, 2022  

How maintenance 4.0 technology will help bridge the skills gap

Can digital solutions and vibration sensors fill the maintenance skills gap?

November 9, 2022  

OPINION: It’s not you, food is getting more expensive

In our June 2022 issue, we compared food prices

November 8, 2022  

MRO Roundtable – Are We Solving the Right Problems?

At the recent 2022 PEMAC Maintrain conference, MRO ran

November 2, 2022  

New class of automation solution: controlled pneumatics

Piezo technology is taking compressed air technology to a technological level that is resource-saving, energy-efficient and sustainable.

November 1, 2022  

Making the most of food waste

Your business’s food waste may be one of your greatest resources.

October 31, 2022  

Gas turbine operational troubleshooting

Gas turbine efficiency can be determined by concentrating on troubleshooting four important areas: gas path analysis, fuel control systems, vibration, and lubrication. 

October 19, 2022  

MRO Roundtable – Continuing education, certifications and contributions toward competency in AM M&R

At the recent 2022 PEMAC Maintrain conference, MRO ran

October 18, 2022  

Importance of routine checks for mechanical repairs

Mechanical components in a factory require the most attention from a maintenance perspective, as they have a high propensity to fail, making it a high priority for maintenance teams. In turn, it is always better to prevent failures than resort to reactive maintenance.

October 17, 2022  

Maintrain 2022: Live and in-person

Maintenance, reliability, and asset management professionals recently descended on Toronto, Ontario for the PEMAC Asset Management Association of Canada Maintrain 2022 conference.

October 11, 2022  

MRO Roundtable – The Most Important Decisions in Asset Management

At the recent 2022 PEMAC Maintrain conference, MRO ran

October 11, 2022  

The Role of the Maintenance Manager 

Any plant has the potential to have a successful maintenance department, the payoff is an engaged maintenance team providing focused equipment care and customer service to the production department with a result of sustainable equipment reliability.

October 10, 2022  

Greasing of Conveyor Pulley Bearings

Grease acts as both a lubricant and a key component of seals used in split pillow block housings.

October 5, 2022  

Robotics and the food industry

Technology that provides food producers with real-time data analytics enables them to optimize the use of energy and raw materials, reduce food and energy waste, and achieve higher production capacities.

October 5, 2022  

The Advantages of a Data-Driven Culture for Food Production

Maximizing capacity and capability with integrated data management adds value at every stage of manufacturing to improve profitability despite notoriously razor-thin margins.

September 21, 2022  

IMTS 2022: Back with a bang

Companies like Hexagon, Nikon and Faro were eager to speak to Canadian Manufacturing about their industrial 3D laser scanners.

September 9, 2022  

MRO is looking to the future

Back in 2018, a simpler time before the world