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February 1, 2000  

Practical presentations

Mar. 6, 2000, monthly meeting of the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers, Alberta Section. The meeting will be held at the Ogden Legion Hall, 2625-78 Ave., S.E., Calgary, Alta. Ian Diven…

February 1, 2000  

Focus on Energy Efficiency: Harmonic Discord

Harmonics generated by variable speed drives are a form of pollution of the electrical plant that can cause severe problems. From flickering lights to exploding capacitors, the range of symptoms is di…

February 1, 2000  

Maintenance Management: big savings at big steel

When, in the late 1980s, Dofasco Inc. realized that its maintenance costs were rising, despite the introduction of PM and CMMS systems in the ’70s and ’80s, it scoured the industry and its own mainten…

February 1, 2000  

Focus on Casters & Wheels:Eliminating Caster Cast-offs

Casters are pretty simple at first glance–a wheel mounted in a frame, basically. But closer inspection reveals many individual components that must work together for safe, effective operation of the …

February 1, 2000  

Practical Automation: Using mechanical methods to generate linear motion

Mechanical rotary-to-linear motion conversion drives can move and position loads with varying degrees of precision, but must be guided in their lineal motion to be effective in practical automation ap…

February 1, 2000  

Focus on Alignment: Dancing with a soft foot

Alignment of machinery is critical in plant operations, and soft foot conditions are especially troublesome. Here’s how various alignment systems can help.You would probably think it foolish to have w…