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December 11, 2017  

At your service – Extracting value from maintainability

As a tradesman, “maintainability” wasn’t a word I thought

November 30, 2017  

A digital future for maintenance

Connectivity presents unprecedented opportunity. That much was clear after

November 21, 2017  

Optimizing belt and chain drive life

Snow plowing a Fernie, B.C. driveway on five acres,

November 13, 2017  

What’s Up Doug? Severe service bearings

There are many severe applications in the world and

November 13, 2017  

Tip: Planners should nail down the problem

In general, planners should precisely nail down the problem

November 13, 2017  

A game plan for unexpected electrical power outages

Stories of mass disruptions caused by electrical power outages

November 13, 2017  

Retrofitting – Taking the next smart step with your VFD

As VFDs continue to inhabit the industrial and commercial

November 2, 2017  

Coupling maintenance strategies for critical equipment

Beloit, WI — Regal Beloit Corporation, is a leading

October 4, 2017  

Cost concepts of planning and scheduling

Most people are surprised to see maintenance costs go

September 11, 2017  

A view of NAFTA, as seen from a Canadian auto plant in Mexico

San Juan Del Rio, Mexico – Looming above a

August 21, 2017  

B&G Crane uses Hydra-Slide system for exchanger replacement

B&G Crane Service used a 300-ton capacity Hydra-Slide HT300 heavy-track hydraulic skidding system to remove and replace two heat exchanger units for a project in Calcasieu, Louisiana.

August 11, 2017  

Combination of process and monitoring data can mitigate asset shutdowns

Further digitalization of established technologies such as condition monitoring and smart sensors could have a revolutionary effect on manufacturing, says Bernie van Leeuwen, Director Product Management Digitalization at SKF.

August 2, 2017  

One-stop motor or transformer repair shop for power stations

Generation facilities speed up repairs and reduce costs by working with a single source for the full gamut of power generation equipment repairs, from the mechanical to digital elements in industrial control systems.

August 2, 2017  

Check, Replace, Renew – A look inside a chemical plant’s turnaround activity

An on-site visit at a Dow turnaround in a chemical plant in Böhlen, Germany, reveals the complexities of a well-planned turnaround.

August 1, 2017  

Revisiting GHS label compliance one year after OSHA’s deadline

One year after OSHA’s June 1, 2016 Globally Harmonized

July 28, 2017  

Acquiring skills for future automated processes

The shift to automated processes brings mixed blessings. Savings and efficiencies are offset by new challenges, including skills training and new product specifications.

July 19, 2017  

The next phase in industrial dust explosion protection

For a wide range of facilities that manufacture, process,

July 7, 2017  

Track progress by keeping a close eye on production rates and yield

A SCADA solution is intended as a platform for continuous improvement. It eliminates the lag between the collection of data and the availability of that information to inform decision-making.

July 3, 2017  

Benefits of rental equipment

Dayton, Ohio – A common problem among growing companies

July 2, 2017  

A laser alignment trainer passes along wisdom on skilling up, giving back

A laser alignment trainer joins a trade school advisory board and shares his experience with the next generation.

June 27, 2017  

Corrosion-resistant plastic cooling towers cut costs for sintering operations

When it comes to process cooling, few industries rely

June 23, 2017  

A maintenance manager builds her risk-management skills

Suzane Greeman is a seasoned maintenance professional who set out to master asset management and learned how to apply risk mitigation to maintenance.

June 13, 2017  

Paving the way forward for digital maintenance

Further digitalization of established technologies such as condition monitoring and smart sensors could have a revolutionary effect on manufacturing, says Bernie van Leeuwen, Director Product Management Digitalization at SKF.

June 9, 2017  

Work Orders – Make sense of maintenance, storeroom and purchasing reports

Knowing the requirements and creating the right reports from the get-go will allow maintainers to perform relevant tasks.

May 15, 2017  

Showstoppers – IFPE 2017 post-show roundup

Fluid power innovations at IFPE confirmed that keeping pace with technology is critical for the industry’s success.

April 28, 2017  

An emergency response plan speeds up return to normal operations

As the new wildfire season began on March 1,

April 21, 2017  

Abrasive blasting operation improves safety with heavy duty vacuuming system

Replacing manual removal of steel shot with vacuuming to handle ergonomic concern reduces unscheduled downtime by 80 per cent, manpower by more than 50 per cent and provides more efficient maintenance of cleaner environment.

April 17, 2017  

High Rollers – large bearings make their rounds

In a quest to find the oldest bearing, we

April 17, 2017  

What’s Up Doug? Where did that bearing come from?

With globalization, traditional perceptions of what is a good

April 3, 2017  

Optimizing reliability centered maintenance

Reliability Centered Maintenance methods compliant with the SAE standard JA-1011 (“Evaluation Criteria for RCM Processes”) all have common features – they must, or they won’t comply with the standard. Those requirements are “minimum” requirements, as they are with any standard. RCM-R complies. But what makes it different and why?