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January 11, 2017  

What are the benefits of providing training to maintenance personnel?

Employees at world-class organizations spend as much as 10 per cent of their time engaged in training and education. But in a recessionary environment, training is often one of the first activities to be cut.

January 5, 2017  

Chain lubrication tips and methods

There are several leading factors that contribute to accelerated

December 23, 2016  

Key success factors for manufacturers in 2017 – skills and new services

Bridging the skills gap and boosting services will be top priorities for manufacturers in 2017. And IoT? Today, 50 per cent of the costs of IoT projects go on integration. In 2017, many manufacturers will realize they already have IoT solutions – now they need to integrate them better to leverage the full benefits. Antony Bourne, IFS Global Industry Director for Manufacturing outlines three key predictions for 2017 – and beyond.

December 22, 2016  

How to select the proper industrial shaft seal for an application

For all rotating machinery in plants across industries, shaft

December 22, 2016  

Valve plant gains understanding of Industry 4.0 by becoming a reference factory for customers

Festo is applying new technologies and systems in a

December 22, 2016  

What is more important: a focus on reliability or focus on maintenance practices?

MRO’s Counterpoint columnists took to the stage at this

December 16, 2016  

Debunking four condition-based maintenance misconceptions

Condition-based maintenance, applied to mission critical and non-critical assets,

December 5, 2016  

Winterizing aerial work platforms and boom trucks

Preparing your aerial lifts or boom truck cranes for

November 30, 2016  

Three technology driven developments poised to disrupt field service

The field service industry has always been one of the earliest adopters of new technologies, from the original PDAs to IoT-enabled devices. Now, a new generation of technology is uniquely positioned to transform the field service industry, promising to reduce costs and dramatically improve the quality of service organizations can offer. Tom DeVroy, Senior Product Evangelist for Enterprise Service Management at IFS, identifies three technology-led developments set to disrupt field service and discusses how flexible and modular resource planning infrastructure will help organizations reap substantial rewards.

November 28, 2016  

Transition to GHS label compliance

Paint and coating formulators, distributors and end users must

November 18, 2016  

AEM Hall of Fame announces 2016 inductees

Milwaukee – The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) announces

November 6, 2016  

Asset management professionals gain inspiration at PEMAC conference

Sustainability is about meeting the needs of today without

October 24, 2016  

Who laid off the asset management data quality people?

The petroleum-triggered economic global downturn has impacted all aspects

October 7, 2016  

Robots bring new productivity; implications for MRO

While many warehousing facilities are well-equipped to handle the mechanical maintenance of their conveyors, they may lack the robotics and software resources to maintain a fully-automated system. And with many facilities shifting toward automation processes, robotic system maintenance will forge a new MRO culture that includes advanced training or experience in technology.

September 22, 2016  

Avoid health scares with regular hygiene assessments

The list of prosecution bulletins and food recalls posted

September 9, 2016  

What’s Up Doug? How are hydraulics used with bearings?

Bearings are precision components that need to be handled

September 2, 2016  

Chains drive your process

Every process has unique requirements that could make choosing the right chain a mission-critical exercise.

August 20, 2016  

Cost concepts of planning and scheduling

Most people are surprised to see maintenance costs go

August 20, 2016  

Innovation could lead to cuts in chemical manufacturing energy use and emissions

Irving, Texas – Scientists from ExxonMobil and the Georgia

August 15, 2016  

MRO Inventory 101

Proper MRO parts management is a balancing act. On one hand, you want parts to be available in the case of breakdowns. At the same time, you cannot have an excessive amount of money tied up in inventory.

August 10, 2016  

Does your oil & lubrication program ensure your equipment is running at its best?

Most plant managers ask themselves how they can extract

August 5, 2016  

What’s Up Doug? Rolling Element Bearings and Fluid Power

There are a number of ways that rolling element

July 27, 2016  

Flushable wipes blamed for clogs in sewer systems

Calgary – The long-running “flushable wipes” controversy has turned

July 14, 2016  

A “Transformer” for maintaining tube trains used by London Underground

At Ealing Common depot, a railway service workshop of

July 7, 2016  

Motor management programs

In the tactical world of reliability, finding efficiencies is

July 4, 2016  

What’s Up Doug? What is the “right” clearance for an electric motor bearing?

From the day I started in the industry in

June 17, 2016  

How a mechanic masters reliability engineering

“Certain people are drawn to reliability because they have a passion for doing things the right way or doing things in an optimal way,” says Jeff Smith.

May 30, 2016  

Domtar’s award-winning Windsor mill examines the sources of error

A worker is tasked to cut some failed bolts

May 20, 2016  

Tip: Simple, on-site fluid analysis techniques

The benefits of condition monitoring through fluid analysis can

May 20, 2016  

Keeping customers stocked with parts is a balancing act

How hard can it be to be a parts