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May 25, 2018  

The role of reactive maintenance in your overall maintenance strategy

When it comes to choosing a maintenance strategy for

May 17, 2018  

Three causes of gearbox failure

In large gear reducers, parts – such as bearings and gears – can be pricey. Understanding gearbox failures can help mitigate downtime.

May 11, 2018  

Mass customization gives materials handling factory an edge

Forklift manufacturer and materials handling solutions provider Combilift officially

May 7, 2018  

Same same but different – Mining equipment reliability and maintenance

In a quest for success, mines apply every advanced total equipment reliability maintenance or asset performance management program available.

May 7, 2018  

Canadian oil and gas sector battles in the shadow of the United States

Lower prices range, high volatility and increased competition for markets are hurdles for the oil and gas industry.

May 7, 2018  

Mining sector gets back to work

Signals of heavy activity in the mining sector paint a picture of optimism.

April 25, 2018  

Mining our own business

In the April issue of Machinery and Equipment MRO,

April 23, 2018  

Outlook for lubricant suppliers is ‘cautiously optimistic’

Operators in the industrial oil lubricants market have experienced

April 16, 2018  

Find Your Bearings

How a heavy-duty engineer became industry’s go-to guy.

April 13, 2018  

Rule of Twos – Factors that influence the job of lubrication

Applying a simple troubleshooting method can get you to the appropriate amount of lubrication needed for a bearing.

April 9, 2018  

A worn or lightly damaged bearing can be salvaged

Machines in heavy industry tend to be high-value assets.

April 9, 2018  

Address the skills gap by designing the training opportunity from scratch

Roy F. Huetl knows firsthand that the best way

April 3, 2018  

Wrench Time – How to improve maintenance productivity

Wrench time explains why a company can get a

March 25, 2018  

Inadequate clutch maintenance grounds of bunkering tanker

Dartmouth, NS – In its investigation report (M17A0004), the

March 16, 2018  

Thermal imaging and ultrasonic testing are important tools in your PM program.

A well-executed preventative maintenance program is the cornerstone of

March 9, 2018  

Trump cards and tariffs – what’s the deal?

The eighth round of negotiations is in the offing

February 26, 2018  

The Maintenance Engineer’s Guide to Industrial Actuators

Actuators provide the push and pull of industrial automation.

January 29, 2018  

A Perfect Analogy for Electrical Safety Principles

Davenport, IA – Driving to work last week, deep

January 16, 2018  

Critical considerations for transformer replacement

When replacing power transformers, a few tips can ensure a quick return to service while also reducing future costs and downtime.

January 15, 2018  

Internal CSIS note details ‘mega trends’ set to alter economy, society, security

Ottawa – From cryptocurrencies, to artificial intelligence, to the

January 8, 2018  

Improve communication flow between maintenance managers and technicians

Things don’t always go as planned – and for

December 21, 2017  

Bearing Witness – Ten industry tips on how to avoid counterfeit bearings

A quick internet search will yield plenty of hits

December 21, 2017  

Fluid transfer management – Follow this checklist to ensure secure fittings, and prevent leaks and damage

Earlier in my career I was a mechanic on

December 21, 2017  

Manage failure – Integrate CBM information to optimize decision support

The Situation A bearing fault! With gear noise! Okay,

December 11, 2017  

MRO Quiz – How well can you troubleshoot lubrication problems?

Investigating problems related to equipment lubrication issues can be

December 11, 2017  

Editor’s Notebook: I know a guy, who knows a guy…

Maintenance and reliability programs are like any other continuous

December 11, 2017  

What’s Up Doug? How bearings assist in power transmission

Let’s start at the beginning. Mass-produced bearings date back

December 11, 2017  

10 Myths About RCM – reliability centered maintenance

Despite its well-documented successes, reliability centered maintenance (RCM) has

December 11, 2017  

Make it or brake it – Oil shear technology ensures brakes will operate in the dust

As counterintuitive as it seems, the right brakes can

December 11, 2017  

Life Expectancy – What should the maintenance organization focus on?

Recently I have been seeing the P-F interval curve