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OPINION: Consistent growth is always guaranteed

EDITOR’S LETTER: Food & Beverage Engineering & Maintenance - Winter 2022.

April 4, 2022 | By Maryam Farag



After spending the past few months learning about the food manufacturing industry, it has come to my attention that working in the food manufacturing world can be very interesting. There are many reasons to love your food-industry job, depending on what you do. One example is you can be on the forefront of up-and-coming trends in the food world that no one knows about. Others like that there are many hands-on jobs where you make real, tangible products.

However, the main reason to really admire this sector is that the food industry is about solving problems: global, sustainability, supply chain and product launches.

Without a doubt, every position in a food manufacturing company serves a purpose, whether it’s a visible position or a ‘behind-the-scenes’ role. Food manufacturers are on the path of digitization to optimize and unlock operational excellence. However, the majority still have a significant journey ahead of them when it comes to embracing new digital technologies and data driven operations. This means the future holds great potential for growth in this industry.

Companies are always trying to find ways to grow and expand by bringing in new innovative ideas. When growth happens, it happens quickly, which can mean there are new positions being created, so there are opportunities to grow with the company.

The past two years have been rough on the industry, with all the production disruptions, labour shortages, and reduced demand from restaurants. However, the evolving food demand and labour shortages mean more opportunities for businesses operating in this sector.

After all, the future growth of the food and beverage industry is always guaranteed. The bounce back will definitely need effort, but the results will almost never disappoint.


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