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MRO Roundtable – Difficulty making business improvements in reliability and maintenance

February 2, 2023 | By Mario Cywinski

At the recent PEMAC Maintrain conference, MRO ran its annual roundtable.

In part four of our video series from the conference, James Reyes-Picknell – Principal Consultant – Conscious Asset, spoke about the difficulty of making business improvements in reliability and maintenance.

The roundtable brought together maintenance professionals from all over Canada to discuss topics vital to maintaining top efficiency within their facilities. Each group discussed topics with two different facilitators, each discussion lasting approximately 30 minutes. After the first discussion, participants rotated from one table to another, to another topic they were interested in. After the table discussion, the facilitators summarized what was discussed and presented it to the entire room.


We took those summaries and created a video series based on them.






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