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Efficient motor benefits from heat exchanger technologyRockwell Automation is able to combine Reliance Electric drip-proof force vent (DPFV) RPM AC and RPM III DC motors with heat exchangers for appli...

November 1, 2000 | By MRO Magazine

Efficient motor benefits from heat exchanger technology

Rockwell Automation is able to combine Reliance Electric drip-proof force vent (DPFV) RPM AC and RPM III DC motors with heat exchangers for applications requiring total enclosure. Without the use of a heat exchanger, a typical totally enclosed blower-cooled (TEBC) motor provides less than half of the power of the equivalent frame in a DPFV motor. With a heat exchanger, air-to-air cooling offers 70% (up to 700 hp) and air-to-water cooling can provide up to 100% (1,000 hp) of the rating of a DPFV motor.

Rockwell Automation

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Modular drive series offers affordable versatility

The Slo-Syn MD808 micro-step drive module series from Warner Electric Motors and Controls features active stabilization for improved motor performance at critical speeds, micro-stepping to 1/128 for smooth operation, and high current and voltage for torque and speed. Designed for DC input, these modular drives operate from a single 20-VDC to 80-VDC power supply and offer full short-circuit protection. The sturdy, all-aluminum case and efficient thermal design minimize the heat sink requirements of these compact units.

Warner Electric Motors and Controls

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SRT power conditioner helps maintain up-time

Cutler-Hammer’s Sag Ride Through (SRT) power conditioner protects distribution/branch locations, or an entire facility, from problems associated with voltage sags, which can cost companies thousands of dollars in lost productivity. The SRT features a 65% sag ride through, phase shift correction and includes a Clipper VL surge protector for increased protection of downstream loads. Designed for 10 kVA to 700-plus kVA, the conditioner operates with a 3-millisecond response time and 99% efficiency.


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Motor controller has broad functionality

The MoviDrive, a universal motor controller form SEW-Eurodrive, features built-in intelligence to provide decentralized automation, which allows the drive to adapt easily to a wide range of applications. When the control program is customized, the drive will adapt to any machine environment, from simple drives for pumps and fans to highly precise servo drives used in packaging or automated assembly systems. The core of the automation system is the company’s IPOS Plus integrated position and logic-handling programming environment that features macro programming, intuitive programming with a pull-down command set and the flexibility to program in either C or Basic-like language. The Microsoft Windows-based MoviTools software suite, for which there is no extra charge, provides all the software needed to program, diagnose and auto-tune the MoviDrive for easy set-up, commissioning and troubleshooting.


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Speed reducer lowers electric costs

Stober MGS (Modular Gear System) right-angle helical/bevel speed reducers deliver more motor-operating power to the driven load by reducing operating losses in the gear set. This increase in operating efficiency, which can range from 7% for 7:1 gear ratios to 58% for 280:1 gear ratios, directly reduces the energy used by the motor that drives these units. They are available in a wide range of performance ratings, configurations and options to meet specific requirements in such applications as food and beverage processing, material handling, water treatment, solid waste processing and recycling, petrochemical processing and forest products.


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