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Food industry conveyor wheels need no lubricant

Technicor's thermoplastic conveyor wheels, specially designed for the poultry and food industries, feature stainless steel balls and acetal raceways for corrosion resistance. They meet USDA standards,...

June 1, 2000 | By MRO Magazine

Technicor’s thermoplastic conveyor wheels, specially designed for the poultry and food industries, feature stainless steel balls and acetal raceways for corrosion resistance. They meet USDA standards, require no lubricant, and have a load capacity of 60 kg. The CW0600/CW032 models are part of a large range of wheels available for a variety of systems, including Meyn, Linco and Systemate.


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New belt construction eliminates stretch


Gates Vextra molded notch belts have been re-engineered with special construction that increases service life by 33% and adds more than 90 part numbers to the company’s product line. The new construction eliminates the elongation problems associated with V-belts, reducing the need to retension drives frequently. The Vextra construction is available at no extra cost for Gates Super HC and Tri-Power bandless, molded notch belts. They are ideal for difficult drives where high speeds, small pulley diameters and short centre distances are needed.

Gates Canada Inc.

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Wide range of frame sizes in new motor line

Weg three-phase, low-voltage motors have been redesigned and now include a new motor called the W21. The IEC-standard motor line includes frames 63 (0.5 hp) up to 355 (500 hp). It is fully interchangeable with old design motors. Features include lower noise level, higher efficiency, an optimized bearing cooling system, improved dust protection, a fan cover that allows easy use of a second shaft end, and a terminal box with a larger internal space. Also, it is painted blue instead of grey.

V.J. Pamensky Canada Inc.

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Motor controller takes over tasks from PLCs

SEW’s Movidrive is a powerful, new, universal motor controller that is designed to improve the performance of many applications. The variable-frequency drive unit has built-in “intelligence” for simpler, decentralized automation, handling much of the motion control and I/O tasks that previously required PLCs or PCs to accomplish. By customizing SEW’s IPOS integrated position and logic-handling control program, the Movidrive can be adapted to any machine environment. Movitools software is included to program, diagnose and tune the drive.


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25 sizes added to speed reducer line

A new line of parallel shaft speed reducers from Emerson is called Power-Match Plus. It complements the current Power Match PSR line from Browning. The new line adds 25 additional sizes, offers solid or hollow output shafts in parallel or right-angle configurations, available shrink disc, output torque ranges from 16,000 in-lb to 11 million in-lb in 25 frame sizes, and a ratio range from 1:1 to 657:1. It is described in catalogue PMP-00.

Emerson Power Transmission

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Bearing and gear lubrication system described in detail

The Dodge Oil Level and Filtration (OLF) system is described in a new brochure from Rockwell Automation. It is designed for Sleevoil, roller bearing and gear products.Acomplete explanation of the OLF system is included. It is designed to enhance static oil bearing and gearing applications, and suits hard-to-access, off-site applications, as well as harsh and dirty environments.

Dodge/Rockwell Automation

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