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Focus on Linear Motion: Precision on the rise in linear motion devices

Ball screws offer improved positioning accuracyFor positioning applications requiring a cost-effective ball screw with improved lead accuracy, Warner Electric now supplies screws meeting T9 and T7 ISO...

September 1, 2000 | By MRO Magazine

Ball screws offer improved positioning accuracy

For positioning applications requiring a cost-effective ball screw with improved lead accuracy, Warner Electric now supplies screws meeting T9 and T7 ISO 3408/3 classifications. Screws with a travel variation of 0.003 in. are available in all sizes, and there is limited availability of screws featuring 0.002-in. and 0.001-in. travel variations. In addition, the company now can manufacture screws meeting P3, P5, T5, T7 and T9 ISO classifications using a precision cold-forming process that has been optimized for repeatability, so that the first screw of a new batch has the same tolerances as the last part of the previous batch. The precision cold-forming process produces screws with a smoother surface than ground screws. The company now markets its screws according to ISO tolerance classes, rather than by manufacturing process.

Warner Electric

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Linear bushings have long service life

Super Linear Bushings Types A and B from Rexroth Star offer smooth running in both closed and open versions. Possessing the same outer dimensions as the standard linear bushings, the Super versions offer significantly longer life at higher travel speeds. The ball track geometry ensures that the balls have a greater contact area and thus higher load capacity. The dynamic load capacity has been increased by between 8% and 25%, depending on the direction of loading.

Basic Technologies

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Self-locking ball bearings offer precision motion

Schneeberger has announced a metric linear ball bearing series featuring a self-locking retention mechanism that reduces assembly and maintenance costs. The Sferax SL series can be pushed into place by hand, virtually eliminating the need for traditional flange retention measures. Housing and rolling element components are composed of lightweight steel hardened to 63 HRC and then ground to exact dimensions. Other optional features, such as guards, can be incorporated into the bearing. The rolling elements are secured within a polymid ball tray, which reduces friction and eliminates stick-slip to permit smooth, unrestricted movement without the need for lubrication or maintenance. Uses include robotics and other automation applications where mounting space is minimal. The bearings are available with shaft diameters ranging from 12 mm to 30 mm, bearing diameters ranging from 19 mm to 47 mm and lengths from 28 mm to 68 mm.


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Linear slide attachment is available for actuator

The RS linear actuator from Amacoil/ Uhing now is available with an optional linear slide attachment. Allowing heavier, overhung or off-centre loads, this system suits a wide range of applications requiring precise, intricate linear motion. The new attachment can be furnished integrally with a new RS linear actuator assembly or retro-fitted to existing RS actuators. It facilitates the handling of off-centre loads without creating rotational binding, stretching or bending the shaft, damaging the actuator or shortening the operational life of the system. Each assembly is built to the customer’s exact specifications.


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Linear motion products designed to keep cost down

Hiwin, a manufacturer of linear motion and motion control products holding both ISO 9001 and ISO-14001 certificates, manufactures such linear motion products as linear guideways, ground ballscrews, rolled ballscrews, linear motors, X-Y precision positioning stages, linear actuators and aerospace parts. Designed to be cost-effective, its products are used in such industries as machine tools, automation equipment, industrial machines, CNC milling machines, semi-conductor equipment and aerospace.

Hiwin Technologies

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