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Focus on Harsh Conditions: Contaminant attacks prove no problem

Roller chain lineup includes corrosion-resistant modelsEmerson Power Transmission has announced a six-page, four-colour catalogue for its Morse brand of roller chain, which has been expanded to includ...

September 1, 2000 | By MRO Magazine

Roller chain lineup includes corrosion-resistant models

Emerson Power Transmission has announced a six-page, four-colour catalogue for its Morse brand of roller chain, which has been expanded to include a broad choice of corrosion-resistant designs. Offered under the company’s CRES (Corrosion-Resistant Engineered Solutions) program, these new chain and chain drive products feature a variety of solutions for corrosive environments, including nickel-plated roller chain, stainless steel (300 series) roller chain, stainless steel sprockets, corrosion-resistant attachment chain and moisture guard roller chain.


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Pump easily moves paper pulp in bleaching stages

Goulds Pumps has produced a medium-consistency pumping system that overcomes two major obstacles in pumping paper stock during bleaching operations–the formation of a fibre network that will not flow readily in consistencies over 8% and high air content which causes air binding in centrifugal pumps. The Model 3500 pump is capable of handling consistencies up to 16% and features an air separation design that removes the high air content present in medium-consistency pulp. It creates high shear rates which result in turbulence that assists in mixing. This model can be coupled with the Model 3501 in-line mixer to achieve a high production of pulp. Applications include pumping into HD towers, discharging storage towers and feeding bleaching operations.

ITT Industries/Goulds Pumps

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Lube analysis kit cuts maintenance costs

A condition monitoring service is available from IMS Group to help users of gear boxes, motors, compressors and other types of rotating equipment that use lubricants prolong service life and reduce maintenance and repair costs, while minimizing the risk of breakdowns. Called Lube Rx, this service analyzes the lubricants to detect excessive wear of rotating components, such as bearings, shafts or gears, contamination from coolants, water or solids, and viscosity to ensure the proper lubricant is being used. The analysis reveals potential lubrication problems so users can perform preventive maintenance before serious damage occurs. Lubrication analysis kits, containing eight sample test bottles, enable users to collect lubricant samples from equipment and send them to IMS Group for analysis and recommendations for corrective action. This service also includes free technical support.

IMS Group

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Disc coupling improves torque/ misalignment capabilities

Designed for long life, Lovejoy’s disc couplings feature discs with optimized profile and thickness to provide a high torque-to-O.D. ratio, high service factors and good misalignment capability. The new design uses high-grade stainless steels for strength and resistance to hostile environments, and provides torsionally rigid, no-backlash operation, with no wearing parts that would require lubrication or maintenance. The couplings suit a wide range of service, including heavy-duty and high-speed applications, and accommodates electric motor, reciprocating engine or gas turbine drives. Three standard types offer many sizes, covering a nominal-torque range from 600 Nm to 870,000 Nm (5,100 in.-lb to 7,700,000 in.-lb).


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Spray lubricants keep rust away

Three industrial-duty spray lubricants provide long-term protection against rust and corrosion. Sprayon 737 is formulated with synthetic additives to leave a thin, transparent, dry film that resists dust, dirt, oil and water. It is suitable for bearings and sliding surfaces, and it displaces moisture in electrical applications. Sprayon 767 is for use as a protectant and lube for equipment stored indoors and for items waiting to be shipped. Providing protection against humidity and corrosion damage for up to 15 months, this medium-weight oil is non-staining, yet leaves an amber film for identification, and is safe to use on metals, rubber, and most plastic and painted surfaces. A long-term outdoor protectant and lube designed to stand up to the most severe weather conditions for up to 24 months, Sprayon 777 features a waxy, heavy-duty formulation that creates a rust-inhibiting barrier that guards against humidity and salt spray. It can be used to protect a wide variety of industrial surfaces, including bodies and frames of machines and vehicles, storage tanks, castings, moulds, cables, generators, electrical equipment, etc.

Sherwin-Williams Industrial Sales

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Brochure highlights speed reducer sealing system

A brochure featuring the Dodge Tigear speed reducer with Relialube has been published by Rockwell Automation. The six-page, four-colour brochure highlights the features of this low-maintenance reducer. The brochure contains colour photographs of the Adaptable, Quill, Combination and E-Z Kleen Tigear speed reducers. Cutaways, drawings and charts illustrate the advantages of this flexible product line, its virtually maintenance-free sealing and lubrication system, and its numerous optional accessories. The Relialube system provides a pressure-vented gearbox with no open path to the environment. No periodic maintenance is required, making it suitable for OEMs and users seeking a hassle-free solution.


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Stack lights increase safety in harsh environments

Rockwell Automation has added Type 4/4X/13, IP65 ratings to its line of Allen-Bradley Bulletin 855T Control Tower stack lights, to enhance productivity and safety and reduce maintenance and wiring requirements for harsh environments. Well suited for environments that are wet, dirty and corrosive, the Series B stack lights feature a modular design for safety. With a simple twist, a unit can be removed safely and easily from the stack, as the power is automatically de-energized, reducing the risk of shock when performing lamp changes. A DeviceNet connectivity option eliminates the need to hard-wire the modules directly to the programmable controller. Seven base options are available, including surface mount, pole mount and vertical mount.


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Outlet boxes now come in explosion-proof design

Crouse-Hinds Canada has introduced a series of universal explosion-proof outlet boxes for hazardous areas, designated GUR Series. Suited for tight spaces, the boxes feature five recessed hubs and a compact body design that makes them cost effective for multi-box applications. Other features include a threaded cover opening and a neoprene O-ring cover seal. Recesses in the cover allow for convenient tightening or removal. The boxes are constructed of Feraloy iron alloy and have copper-free aluminum covers. In addition, completely aluminum units are available.

Crouse-Hinds Canada

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Incremental encoder withstands tough environments

Combined with an MSK magnetic encoder sensor, the MRI incremental magnetic ring from Siko Products forms an extremely rugged incremental encoder that is inexpensive and easy to assemble. As it is insensitive to dirt and moisture, the unit is able to function in dirty water, without wear. It produces no measuring errors due to backlash or gear inaccuracies.

Siko Products

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