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LET’S TALK M&R! (2017/09/20)

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September 20, 2017

This ‘No-Cost’ Maintenance & Reliability (M&R) Leader’s Round-table Webinar is:

✔ Open to all industrial physical asset M&R professionals
✔ Get Answers to Questions – Solutions to Problems
✔ Learn Tips and Tricks of the Trade
✔ Be a ‘GO-TO’ Maintenance & Reliability LEADER with answers
✔ Practical Advice To Help You Get To The Next Level!

Time: 12 – 1 PM ET, 11 AM – 12 PM CT
Date: Wednesday, September 20, 2017

REGISTER at Eventbrite:

NOTE: Only the first 8 people can join the conference by text & interactive video. The next 90 people can watch and message with the teleconference. However, an unlimited number of people can watch the video teleconference but with no messaging.


In the summer 2005, Jay Shellogg and I, Carlo Odoardi, met while working at Ivara in Burlington Ontario. I was working as a Reliability Consultant at Ivara Corporation at the time and had just finished my Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM2) Practitioner course. Jay on the other hand, was working as a Reliability Superintendent at Domtar in Ashdown AR, and he just finished his RCM2 Facilitator course with Mr. Peter Stock in the Aladon Network.

The Aladon® Network is a global community of reliability professionals whose members are certified by Aladon as Practitioners and Facilitators in the delivery of Reliability Centered Maintenance based equipment reliability methodologies. This global network has helped clients apply RCM2-based practices in over 80 countries.

We found ourselves really motivated, interested and excited about Aladon RCM2. All those amazing benefits and capabilities it held for industrial application! We could see the potential in using RCM2 for virtually any sector, anywhere in the world, personally and for business.

We went on to work together in a Vendor / Customer relationship, on an off for the next few years. We taught M&R to the Domtar plant personnel, we applied RCM2 to their asset systems, we used the Ivara EXP Enterprise CMMS/EAM software system to implement & manage all the work affairs at the plant. Our knowledge and experience grew as did our professional collaboration.

Fast forward 10 years or so of continually teaching and applying Maintenance & Reliability and Jay & I are now both Aladon Practitioners in the Aladon Risk & Reliability Global Network. Over the years, we were always in contact with each other. Regularly discussing new developments and ideas we found for RCM, RCD, RCFA, etc.

Eventually, we decided that the best way we could help others in the M&R field would be to create a social platform for like-minded professionals to share their M&R knowledge and experience. In particular, we want M&R newcomers to understand M&R principles even if they never learned about them before. We discuss everything to do with M&R from tips and tricks to problem-solving. You ask, we (the ‘Let’s Talk M&R’ social community) answer!

In ‘Let’s Talk M&R’, you are welcome to ask questions for help, network with others to collaborate on projects, share your Maintenance & Reliability experiences, & generally help others who wish to benefit from learning more about M&R. We have come up with a number of relevant discussion topics for the first few sessions. However, feel free to request new topics that we can set as the theme for the next set of sessions!

All we ask is that you please keep on topic, have open/honest intentions, be respectful and act professionally throughout the sessions.

We hope you find ‘Let’s Talk M&R’ to be of value to you. Please let us know how we are doing – we really want to provide an experience that is high-value in nature.

We also have a paid Mastermind Group for Team coaching. Here, we reveal tips and tricks to continue your Maintenance & Reliability journey to an even higher level using a combination of on-site OR Google hangout sessions. This high-end coaching program for individuals, as well as for businesses, is where we Teach, Mentor, Coach and Implement world-class M&R solutions that offer:

✔ High Profit: Low CAPEX/OPEX, Low insurance premiums, High-Performance Company
✔ Social Responsibility: High Health, Safety & Environmental integrity, Low fines/penalties
✔ Optimize Resources: Balances Complexity, Functions, Assets, PM Tasks, Spares, Tools, Skills…
✔ Progressive Disruption: Continuous Innovation: Plan, Analyze, Improve, Control (P, S, E, F-up)
✔ Culture Transformation: Reactive (break-fix, RTF) to Proactive (actual results = design results)
✔ Cure Company Amnesia: X-Functional Teams harvest Tribal IP in Living dbs to help Next-Gen staff
✔ Bonus-based SLAs: High equipment availability/reliability, Low unscheduled downtime
✔ Global Reputation & Admiration: Better public perception, Savvy, confident & empowered staff

This coaching will only be available for a select few through an application process. This is to determine whether the training/mentoring is for you and that you are the correct person in your company to proactively implement our recommended solutions.

There is so much more you can learn about Maintenance & Reliability and its uses, so come and join us!

Carlo Odoardi & Jay Shellogg

Principals, The Aladon Network

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