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International Nuclear Plant Operation and Maintenance Conference 2014

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December 11 - December 12, 2014

So far, more than 30 countries or regions have built nuclear power plants. According to the statistics from IAEA, as of December in 2013, total 436 nuclear power units have been put into operation and 71 units under construction, mainly in the United States, Canada, France, Britain, Russia, Germany, Japan, Korea, India , China and etc. Until June 30, 2014, China has 20 NPPs under operation and 28 units under construction which ranks the first in the world new build NPP quantity.

According to the experts from CNOC, so far, outsourcing is still the main method for nearly 70% NPP equipments maintenance and repair services in China. Therefore, they are more concerned about new Technology and new process of NP equipment, and are very willing to exchange and share maintenance and repair experience of NP equipment & materials during INPOM 2014.

With the rapid development of nuclear power industry, the operation and maintenance market of nuclear power plant has gradually revealed. The International Nuclear Power Operation and Maintenance Conference 2014 (INPOM) will be held to improve the NPP maintenance technology and innovation ability, and promote the long-term security and stability of nuclear power plant and its efficient operation. Delegates of INPOM will be diversified by several parts: R&D institutes, schools, equipment manufacturers, material vendors, EPC companies, NPP operators and etc.

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