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An analysis of valve market in China

November 10 - November 20, 2038
Room 1601, No.217 Huizhannanli Road, Siming District, Xiamen, Fujian, China

Existed problems in Chinese valve industry:
• An ever-changing market
• Relatively low price per product
• Increasing cost of labor and raw materials
• Lack of people with competent ability
• Financial difficulty for middle and small-sized enterprises
• A higher threshold of export

Shortcomings of Chinese manufacturers and enterprises that need to overcome:
• Not very professional in archiving
• Paying scant attention to brand management
• Poor production schedule

This shows that there is still much more room for the improvement of Chinese valve manufacturers and related enterprises.

A vice manager from a Chinese valve company believed that as the economy of China and that of the world merging, Chinese market economy system being perfected, as well as the policy of centralized procurement from world class buyers driving, the integrating and shuffle speed of Chinese valve manufacturing industry will be accelerated. Chinese industrial valve manufacturers will face a new wave of challenge in management, product quality, service and Internationalization.

On the next stage, adopting international standard and putting more effort into improving product quality, production technique, service capacity are the keys for Chinese valve industry to making a breakthrough.

So far, there are a large number of valve companies in China, and the industry has become relatively mature. As the policy of speeding up the rejuvenation of device manufacturing industries promoting, basic manufacturing industries will be further supported. Subsequently, demands of valves, especially those full-fledged products, like globe valves, butterfly valves, relief valves, check valves, throttle valves, plug valves, reducing valves, from those basic manufacturing industries, such as petrochemical industry, chemical industry, will be much higher.

Generally, Chinese valve industry mainly produces low-tech, mid-low end valves while high-end valves in the market are basically imported from and dominated by other countries. The forthcoming higher demand for high-end valves also brings new challenges and chances to Chinese valve companies.

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