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Advanced RCM3 Facilitator Course

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November 21 - December 02, 2016
5046 Mainway, Burlington, ON L7L 5Z1 Canada

The RCM3 Facilitator Course is a 10 day syndicated course introducing the skills necessary to successfully lead an RCM3 analysis. An experienced Aladon Certified Practitioner will teach you to understand the competencies of a facilitator through classroom application and coaching using real world case studies.

An RCM3 analysis conducted by a competent facilitator significantly increases asset performance while improving safety and environmental compliance and reducing risk (physical and economic) and unexpected costs. A qualified facilitator will maximize the quality and consistency of the asset reliability program and support the resulting cultural change. During the Advanced RCM3 Facilitator training the concepts of RCM3 are reinforced and the participants apply these by practicing their facilitation skills in a controlled, coached environment.

Note that this course is also a requirement for becoming a Certified RCM3 Facilitator in the Aladon Certified Facilitator Program.

The Aladon Certified Facilitator Program assists you in taking all of your RCM3 classroom training to the next level in your organization. The program is designed to provide the appropriate amount of coaching and mentoring to build your competency to the quality levels expected by the Certified Practitioners in The Aladon Network itself. Once you pass the technical audits for RCM3, and the certification exam, you will be recognized as an Aladon Certified Facilitator and an ‘Associate Member’ in The Aladon Network. This certification not only elevates your credibility within your company but also with your peers in industry and academia around the world.


  • Opportunity to benchmark the quality of your RCM3 analysis.
  • Recognition of your status as an Aladon Certified Facilitator.
  • Discounts on Aladon training and events.
  • Associate membership to The Aladon Network and online community where you can share ideas, tips, techniques and brainstorm about the future of reliability in the industrial world.
  • Annual membership includes a technical audit every two years.


  • Successful completion of the RCM3 facilitator course
  • Pass the technical audit of a recent RCM3 analysis
  • Pass the facilitator exam
  • Certificate and letter of achievement
  • Associate membership in The Aladon Network (includes first year membership fees)

For those who already have experience as an RCM3 Facilitator, the certification process is as simple as booking your technical audits and writing the certification examination.

RCM principles are at the heart of modern day asset management, asset performance, reliability and maintenance. The Advanced RCM3 Facilitator course provides an excellent opportunity to exercise these concepts with a recognized thought leader in the field – Aladon Certified RCM3 Practitioner, Carlo

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