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RPL-707 synthetic grease is uniquely formulated for high-temperature and high-speed continuous bearing and spindle applications up to 275°C (525°F). It is formulated with a non-melt inorganic thickener to prevent bleed, carbonizing and hardening. It has a smooth, fine texture with a uniform film that will not melt, drip or run out. It is exceptionally well-suited for extreme environments including dirt, lint and powder applications such as exhaust fans and blowers. Safe to use on metallic and non-metallic components. Available in Canada exclusively from Davley Darmex. Also inquire about RPLNTG1/GR2, our high-temperature synthetic grease for food grade applications.

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Contact: Davley Darmex Precision Lubricants
Phone: 1-800-361-9458
Email: sales@davley-darmex.com
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OPTIME Condition Monitoring (CM) is Schaeffler’s award-winning, state-of-the-art wireless condition monitoring system that’s designed to prevent unplanned machine downtime. Also available for hazardous environments, OPTIME CM monitors balance of plant assets such as pumps, fans, gearboxes and motors across entire manufacturing facilities – seamlessly, cost-effectively and completely automatically. For just pennies per day, OPTIME CM provides up to 15,000 measurements per sensor per year!
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This 8-page Industry Reference Guide from RotoPrecision compares basic gearbox specifications and dimensions for Motovario in-line helical, bevel helical and worm gear reducers with other manufacturers commonly found in the Canadian market.
  • Base Footprint and Output Shaft Dimensions
  • Base-to-Output Height
  • OHL Output and Maximum Torque Ratings
  • Min/Max Ratios
As Motovario's fully-authorized assembly and stocking centre in Canada, RotoPrecision offers a world-class team of application support engineers and industry-leading customer service representatives ready to assist you from service locations based in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

Contact: RotoPrecision Inc.
Phone: 1-888-712-3400
Email: applsupport@rotoprecision.ca
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Advance: Women in Manufacturing is your chance to connect with industry experts and thought leaders whose shared goal is to promote gender equity, diversity and inclusion in Canadian manufacturing. Influencers in the Canadian manufacturing sector, as well as women who have trailblazed in their careers, will facilitate conversations on moving the dial and advancing women into positions of their choice.
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