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Ottawa light rail transit system won't reopen until Aug. 14 at earliest: OC Transpo

Ottawa's light-rail transit service is expected to remain shut down for at least another two weeks, with officials estimating Tuesday it won't reopen until Aug. 14 at the earliest.

NB Power says bringing electricity via Atlantic Loop could be cost prohibitive

New Brunswick's power utility has questioned the viability of the Atlantic Loop energy project because of the potential costs.

Bombardier CEO says business jets still in high demand, but stock price descends

Despite supply chain snarls, Bombardier boosted its second-quarter revenues amid ongoing demand for business jets as deliveries and aftermarket services ramped up, said CEO Eric Martel.

Prepare to flick off your incandescent bulbs for good under new US rules that kicked in this week

Get ready to say goodbye to the once ubiquitous incandescent light bulb, pioneered by Thomas Edison more than a century ago.

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On Demand Webinar - Best Practices in Creating A Safe Industrial & Commercial Rooftop

While working on rooftops, safety is a priority! With advancements in infrastructure and the need for businesses to evolve their physical space, commercial and industrial rooftops across the country are becoming crowded. This is gradually impacting local standards and height safety regulations that are calling for various solutions, such as roof guardrails, lifeline access ladders and more. During this webinar, our rooftop safety expert will be touching on the following topics.
  • The importance of rooftop safety
  • Height safety trends and available solutions
  • Review of codes, standards & regulations
  • Review of roof access points and how to eliminate a potential hazard.
  • Checklist for how to go about selecting rooftop safety equipment.
A certificate of attendance is available! After watching the on-demand webinar reach out to the speaker, Conor Delaney (conor.delaney@skylinegroupintl.com), for your certificate of attendance. Watch Now. » Learn more

Hydraulic weighing solution for the heaviest loads

Accurately measuring millions of pounds in harsh industrial environments. » Read article

Oil Filters, types, ratings, and applications

Effective lubricant filtration is one of the misunderstood and misapplied of maintenance practices. » Read article

Collision technology show continues to grow

The Collision technology show brought together over 36,000 attendees representing 118 countries to Toronto’s Enercare Centre. » Read article

Importance of the food and bev industry

In many ways, the food processing industry in Canada, is what allows everyone to have access to fresh food on a daily basis. » Read More...

QM22 series miniature cncoder

Quantum Devices' QM22 series optical incremental encoders feature a 22mm diameter, providing a space-efficient, high-resolution solution. » Read More...


Stainless steel ball lock pins

Fairlane Products full stainless steel quick release ball lock pins that have a wide range of applications. » Read More...


Max Uptime V2 - August 29

Join us on August 29 as we discuss with a panel of experts how to leverage the availability of key production assets in order to meet quotas and maintain profit margins. » Read More...