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New study finds microplastics in several protein foods

A new study led by researchers at Ocean Conservancy and the University of Toronto found microplastic particles in 88 per cent of protein food samples tested.

Peter Selders succeeds Matthias Altendorf as Endress+Hauser CEO

Dr. Peter Selders takes over as CEO of Endress+Hauser. The 54-year-old Selders holds a doctorate in physics, has been with the company since 2004.

Industry group warns Ont. manufacturers struggling to fill thousands of job vacancies

Industry group Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters is warning on the rising number of job vacancies in Ontario's manufacturing sector as positions go unfilled, thousands of new positions are set to be created and a wave of retirements takes hold.


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Enhance Your Food and Beverage Production with ProTech WD Profile Bearing Isolators

In the dynamic food and beverage production industry, minimizing machine downtime is crucial. This is where ProTech WD profile-bearing isolators shine. These innovative solutions use labyrinth sealing technology to safeguard against high-pressure washdowns and contaminants, extending the life of your equipment. With options available in food-grade and anti-microbial materials, they not only meet but also exceed the industry's stringent hygiene standards. Say goodbye to costly bearing failures and hello to uninterrupted production!
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What are the benefits of steam sterilization in food processing?

Failing to clean products and equipment properly could endanger consumers and result in costly fines for food manufacturers. Consequently, choosing the right sanitation method is a weighty and often difficult decision. » Read More...

Valve actuators built for longevity

In food, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, and chemical plants, processors often operate around the clock to produce chemicals, paints, resins, lubricants, ingredients, and other raw materials. » Read More...

How Preferred Popcorn improved uptime and compliance with a preventive maintenance program

At MRO and Food and Beverage Engineering and Maintenance magazines' recent Max Uptime V2 virtual event, MRO presented a variety of informative sessions. » Read More...

Miller Adds FILTAIR 215 system

Miller Electric Mfg. LLC, fume extraction solution, FILTAIR 215 fume extraction system provides an industrial, high-vacuum fume extraction unit that can handle multiple fume guns. » Read More...


Expanded range of short rigid couplings

Ruland expands range of short rigid couplings to include keyways and step bore sizes. Short rigid couplings are available in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. » Read More...


Density separation tanks

Herbold Density Separation Tanks or Sink-Swim Tanks use water to separate plastics of different densities in post-consumer recycling systems. » Read More...