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Government invests over $97 million in clean tech for farmers

Lawrence MacAulay, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, announced more than $97 million under the Agricultural Clean Technology Program.

Improved margins for Canadian food and beverage manufacturers in 2024

After hitting a record $165 billion in food and beverage manufacturing sales last year, 2024 is expected to see sales moderate in sync with slowing inflation and tighter household budgets. D

Company says it was given green light to make infant formula in Kingston, Ont.

An Ontario-based powdered milk manufacturer says it has the green light to start making baby formula.


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Enhance Equipment Reliability in the Food & Beverage Industry with Washdown Bearing Isolators

Bearing failure can be costly for food and beverage industry machinery. ProTech WD Profile bearing isolators offer reliable protection, keeping lubrication in and contaminants out. With labyrinth sealing technology and high-performance materials, they surpass standard radial lip seals, ensuring extended equipment life even in high-pressure washdown conditions. Say goodbye to downtime and hello to uninterrupted operations. Contact Daemar today to upgrade your machinery with ProTech WD Profile bearing isolators. » Learn more…

AWIM 2024: Celebrating Women in Canadian Manufacturing

Advance Women in Manufacturing 2024 virtual event recently took place, shedding light on the significant contributions and challenges faced by women in the Canadian manufacturing sector. » Read More...

Orientation for new and young workers

While young workers are busy thinking about starting their new summer jobs and others are re-joining the workforce, they may not realize that their “newness” could affect their safety and health. » Read More...

What are the benefits of steam sterilization in food processing?

Failing to clean products and equipment properly could endanger consumers and result in costly fines for food manufacturers. Consequently, choosing the right sanitation method is a weighty and often difficult decision. » Read More...

Backside illuminated TDI camera

Teledyne DALSA, announce its Linea HS 16k backside illuminated (BSI) TDI camera is in production. » Read More...


Stainless steel couplings

Kurt Hydraulics stainless-steel couplings for applications requiring wash downs, are manufactured from high carbon grade 316 SS with high nickel and chromium content, which provides resistance to chemical attack and corrosion. » Read More...


Precision acoustic Imager

Fluke ii910 precision acoustic imager with MecQ mode allows maintenance technicians to scan large areas and visually pinpoint technical issues. » Read More...