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CFIN invests in foodtech projects

The Canadian Food Innovation Network has invested $516,959 into six foodtech projects funded through the organization’s Innovation Booster program.

PepsiCo Canada using Canadian sources to achieve renewable electricity target

PepsiCo Canada’s operations plan to use Canadian renewable energy to have its operations be 100 per cent renewable starting in 2023.

Ottawa urged to look into best before date system in bid to reduce grocery waste

There are calls for Canada to look into best before dates and whether they worsen food waste and food insecurity.

$115M in federal grants will give a boost to smaller meat processors in 17 states

Smaller meat and poultry operators in 17 states will receive $115 million in grants, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced.

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Enhance Sealing Efficiency with PTFE Encapsulated Viton® O-Rings

Say goodbye to seal failures and welcome increased profitability! Deamar's seamless and uniform PTFE FEP/PFA encapsulation combined with a Viton® fluoroelastomer core material creates the ultimate o-ring solution for harsh sealing environments. These chemically inert and compression set-resistant o-rings ensure uninterrupted operations, reducing downtime significantly. With high chemical resistance, a low coefficient of friction, and a non-stick surface, they outperform solid PTFE alternatives. Plus, they are FDA-compliant, guaranteeing safety in food and beverage applications. » Learn more

Dawn of the F&B digital transformation

Advanced manufacturing and the digital transformation is here, and companies in the food and beverage sector are at the forefront. » Read More...

Tools for food and beverage maintenance technicians

Keeping quality and safety standards high. »

Labour challenges and need for increased automation in F&B production

Many manufacturers in the food and beverage industry have already implemented automation into their operations. » Read More...

Self-calibrating thermometers

Endress+Hauser generation 2.0 iTHERM TrustSens TM371/TH372, self-calibrating RTD thermometer for hygienic operations. » Read More...


Stainless-steel worm gearboxes

IronHorse stainless steel worm gearboxes are power transmission devices that drive a load at a fixed reduced ratio of a motor’s speed. » Read More...


Max Uptime V2 - August 29

Join us on August 29 as we discuss with a panel of experts how to leverage the availability of key production assets in order to meet quotas and maintain profit margins. » Read More...