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Air Canada walks back compensation denials after thousands delayed due to tech issues

Air Canada said Friday it made a mistake in rejecting some compensation claims from the thousands of travellers affected by flight delays caused by computer malfunctions in recent weeks.

Experts worry about Canadian water bomber expertise with rising demand, aging fleets

Aviation experts say Canada is losing expertise in the manufacturing of water bombers - just as demand for them is increasing.

Federal regulators promise safety review at all the major freight railroads

The Federal Railroad Administration recently completed a review of Norfolk Southern's safety culture in the wake of the February's fiery derailment in Ohio.

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Best Practices in Creating A Safe Industrial & Commercial Rooftop

While working on rooftops, safety is a priority! With advancements in infrastructure and the need for businesses to evolve their physical space, commercial and industrial rooftops across the country are becoming crowded. This is gradually impacting local standards and height safety regulations that are calling for various solutions, such as roof guardrails, lifeline access ladders and more. During this webinar, our rooftop safety expert will be touching on the following topics.
  • The importance of rooftop safety
  • Height safety trends and available solutions
  • Review of codes, standards & regulations
  • Review of roof access points and how to eliminate a potential hazard
  • Checklist for how to go about selecting rooftop safety equipment
A certificate of attendance is also available on request when attending live. » Learn more

PODCAST: Current state of CMMS: 2023 and beyond

In this episode, we look at the current state of CMMS, benefits of CMMS, reasons cited for note using CMMS, how CMMS can help the bottom line, case studies, the pandemics effect on CMMS, and more. » Read article

Tools for food and beverage maintenance technicians

Keeping quality and safety standards high. » Read article

Big turnout for FBO Annual Conference

Over 220 industry professionals attended the Food and Beverage Ontario (FBO) Annual Conference at Locomotive Hall at Steam Whistle in Toronto. » Read article

Precision acoustic Imager

Fluke ii910 precision acoustic imager with MecQ mode allows maintenance technicians to scan large areas and visually pinpoint technical issues. » Read More...


Solid carbide shoulder/slot mills

Walter now offers MA230, MA320 and MA321 shoulder/slot mills for universal application. » Read More...


Max Uptime V2 - August 29

Join us on August 29 as we discuss with a panel of experts how to leverage the availability of key production assets in order to meet quotas and maintain profit margins. » Read More...