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B.C. invests $2M to fuel growth in F&B manufacturing

The government of B.C. is contributing as much as $2.07 million through the BC Manufacturing Jobs Fund, supporting three capital projects and one planning project.

Nestle moves to lower carbon alternatives for shipping

Working with three of the world’s largest shipping companies, Nestle will move the equivalent of half of its global shipping needs to alternative, lower-emission fuels with immediate effect.

Redpath Sugar increases production capacity to meet growing demand

Redpath Sugar will expand its Toronto cane sugar refinery as a response to the growth in demand in Canada’s thriving food manufacturing sector.


Sponsored Spotlight 

FDA/USDA Grade Vee & Round Urethane Belts for Food & Beverage Industry

Enhance food & beverage production with Daemar’s FDA/USDA grade Vee & Round Urethane belts. PU material offers multiple benefits, including high chemical resistance, high tensile strength, excellent abrasion and wear resistance, thermo weldability, low compression set and non-stick surface. Daemar carries urethane belt in a range of durometers & diameters tailored for your specific application. Fabricated from cord stock & bonded on-site, ensuring seamless integration. Elevate efficiency & quality in your industrial operations. » Learn more...

The driving force behind Canada’s manufacturing future

Canada’s food and beverage processing industry, like many other industries in the sector, is going through a transformation. » Read More...

Valve actuators built for longevity

In food, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, and chemical plants, processors often operate around the clock to produce chemicals, paints, resins, lubricants, ingredients, and other raw materials. » Read More...

What are the benefits of steam sterilization in food processing?

Failing to clean products and equipment properly could endanger consumers and result in costly fines for food manufacturers. Consequently, choosing the right sanitation method is a weighty and often difficult decision. » Read More...

Miller Adds FILTAIR 215 system

Miller Electric Mfg. LLC, fume extraction solution, FILTAIR 215 fume extraction system provides an industrial, high-vacuum fume extraction unit that can handle multiple fume guns. » Read More...


Expanded range of short rigid couplings

Ruland expands range of short rigid couplings to include keyways and step bore sizes. Short rigid couplings are available in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. » Read More...


Density separation tanks

Herbold Density Separation Tanks or Sink-Swim Tanks use water to separate plastics of different densities in post-consumer recycling systems. » Read More...