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Toronto area Metro workers ratify second tentative agreement after month long strike

Metro workers from 27 stores in the Greater Toronto Area have a new collective agreement after a month-long strike, the union said.

Rogers Sugar to spend $200 million to grow production capacity in Montreal

Rogers Sugar Inc. says it plans to spend $200 million to grow its production capacity at its plant in Montreal to help meet increased demand in Eastern Canada.

Essex Topcrop receives $500k from province for $5.4M growth project

On Friday morning, Essex MPP Anthony Leardi and Windsor-Tecumseh MPP Andrew Dowie were pleased to announce investments that would support Essex Topcrop Sales Limited.

Ottawa eyes relaxing rules for imported baby formula, as costs soar after shortage

The federal government is looking for ways to bring more infant formula products to Canada while it overhauls regulations to prevent future shortages, an internal memo shows.

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Enhancing Hygiene and Efficiency with Stainless FDA Linear Bearings

Elevate your food and beverage manufacturing line with Stainless FDA Linear Bearings. Crafted for pristine hygiene and robust performance, these bearings ensure design engineers get a seamless motion in even the most demanding environments. Compliant with FDA standards, they guarantee safety and reliability. Serve up excellence in your machinery and equipment with Daemar’s off-the-shelf bearing options. Discover the future of precision with Stainless FDA Linear Bearings! » Learn more

How to perform a root cause analysis and corrective action

It’s not uncommon for businesses to run into issues with quality or non-conformances. What they do next determines how effectively they can overcome challenges and enhance profitably when making their products. » Read More...

A food producer’s transformation through CMMS

The food and beverage industry faces a complex set of challenges. » Read More...

Importance of the food and bev industry

In many ways, the food processing industry in Canada, is what allows everyone to have access to fresh food on a daily basis. » Read More...

Capacitance level switches

Endress+Hauser Nivector FTI26 and Liquipoint FTW23 series point level capacitance switches are contact sensors that detect presence by evaluating differences in dielectric values. » Read More...


Programmable temperature transmitters

ProSense XTD2 series DIN rail-mounted and XTH2 series head-mounted universal programmable temperature transmitters can be used with a variety of sensors and process inputs. » Read More...