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August 10, 2005  

Ontario provides an electronic gateway to workplace information

Toronto, ON — Anyone looking for information on how to ensure a safe, fair and harmonious workplace will find stra…

August 9, 2005  

Tips for spotting and stopping counterfeit items in the workplace

Toronto, ON — Illegal counterfeiting is a multi-billion dollar industry. Anyone can unwittingly purchase a counter…

July 15, 2005  

New e-course teaches workers to work safely with hazardous chemicals

Hamilton, ON — Long before the Canadian government introduced its Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System…

July 5, 2005  

Ladder accidents increase in summer; safety campaign launched

Aurora, ON — Summer is a prime time for ladder-related injuries, according to industry research, leading Canadian …

July 4, 2005  

Hardships of Heat: New guide offers advice on working in the heat

Hamilton, ON — Whether you work in a foundry, surrounded by vats of molten metal, or in an office without air cond…

June 22, 2005  

Hazard alert issued for quick-connect hydraulic couplings

The Ontario Ministry of Labour’s Industrial Health & Safety Program warns of an occupational hazard in an alert ent…

June 20, 2005  

WSIB launches annual youth safety campaign

Toronto, ON — The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) launched its seventh Awareness Campaign targeted to …

May 25, 2005  

Businesses offered ‘last chance’ to strengthen health and safety

Toronto, ON — The province of Ontario is giving 5,000 workplaces a “last chance” to voluntarily improve their heal…

May 17, 2005  

Ontario to strengthen protection of workers dealing with hazardous substances

Toronto, ON — Ontario plans to enhance workplace health and safety by updating occupational exposure limits (OELs)…

May 2, 2005  

Friday is last day to sign up for next week’s Bill C-45 seminar in Toronto

Toronto, ON — An informative and interactive seminar addressing the issues brought about by Bill C-45, which makes…

April 18, 2005  

Seminar offers practical solutions to avoid criminal liability from machinery operations

Toronto, ON — An informative and interactive seminar addressing the issues brought about by Bill C-45, which makes…

April 12, 2005  

Four associations to break ground on new occupational health and safety centre

Mississauga, ON — Four health and safety associations will be breaking ground as they dig into their new location …

April 7, 2005  

Police charge two Toronto men with selling dangerous counterfeit electrical products

Toronto, ON — Following a two month investigation, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Greater Toronto Area F…

March 28, 2005  

IAPA spotlights violence in the workplace at health and safety conference April 4-6

Toronto, ON — Vital lessons that Canadian workplaces need to learn about violence in the workplace and public safe…

March 2, 2005  

Canada’s largest health and safety conference to take place in Toronto April 4-6

Toronto, ON — A major health and safety organization, the IAPA (Industrial Accident Prevention Association), will…

February 28, 2005  

Bill C-45 seminar on May 10 to offer practical solutions to avoid criminal liability

Toronto, ON — S.A.F.E. Engineering and Machinery & Equipment MRO magazine invite you to attend an informative and …

January 26, 2005  

Pulp and paper safety group marks 90 years (January 26, 2005)

North Bay, ON — 2005 marks the 90th anniversary of the Pulp & Paper Health & Safety Association. Since 1915, the o…

December 1, 2004  

Reducing machinery hazards

Today, new machines must be designed with safety in mind and existing machines assessed/evaluated for compliance to new and applicable safety standards….

October 18, 2004  

Honourary chairman named for country’s largest health and safety event

Toronto, ON — Duncan Hawthorne, president and CEO of Bruce Power, Kincardine, Ont., has been named honourary chair…

October 15, 2004  

Award recognizes no critical injuries since plant opened 5 years ago

Guelph, ON — The Industrial Accident Prevention Association (IAPA) has recognized Denso Manufacturing Canada Inc.