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January 22, 2007  

Industrial processes among targets in new federal energy initiative

Toronto, ON — The federal government’s new ecoENERGY Efficiency Initiative, announced in Toronto at the Metro Home…

September 27, 2006  

New process makes diesel fuel and industrial chemicals from simple sugar

Madison, WI– The soaring prices of oil and natural gas have sparked a race to make transportation fuels from plant…

September 6, 2006  

Test at pulp & paper mill demonstrates bio-oil has potential to replace natural gas

Vancouver, BC — DynaMotive Energy Systems Corp. has completed a successful industrial scale test burn of the its B…

August 28, 2006  

Ontario cement plant receives environmental award

Bath, ON — Lafarge Canada Inc. recently received an award to recognize the environmental programs at its cement pl…

August 25, 2006  

Online events calendar becomes more interactive

Toronto, ON — The website for Machinery & Equipment MRO magazine ( and its popular events cale…

June 13, 2006  

Illinois Tool Unit fined for withholding documents in welding fume case

Cleveland, OH — (Bloomberg) A U.S. federal judge fined an Illinois Tool Works Inc. unit $45,000 and ordered it and…

January 27, 2006  

Innovatinve paint operation turns waste into energy and auto parts at Ford

Dearborn, MI — Ford Motor Company has unveiled a clean, efficient and quality-driven “paint shop of the future,” w…

November 1, 2005  

Thermal metal spray poses significant health hazard (November 01, 2005)

Olynpia, WA — Metal-based coatings are useful for building up worn parts, applying a corrosion-resistant layer or …

September 16, 2005  

Health & Safety: Leading respiratory illness linked to workplace exposures

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a leading cause of death worldwide. While cigarette smoking is the …

May 25, 2005  

Businesses offered ‘last chance’ to strengthen health and safety

Toronto, ON — The province of Ontario is giving 5,000 workplaces a “last chance” to voluntarily improve their heal…

May 17, 2005  

Ontario to strengthen protection of workers dealing with hazardous substances

Toronto, ON — Ontario plans to enhance workplace health and safety by updating occupational exposure limits (OELs)…

April 22, 2005  

It’s Earth Day!

Toronto, ON — April 22 is Earth Day, part of Earth Month (April). It is organized by Earth Day Canada (EDC), a not…

April 14, 2005  

Earth Day scholarships to be announced April 22

Toronto, ON — With Earth Day approaching, judges from across the country will once again be given the difficult ta…

February 11, 2005  

Report shows worst air polluters in Canada (February 11, 2005)

Ottawa, ON — Canadian industries created close to four billion kilograms of harmful air pollutants that damage hum…

January 18, 2005  

Used-oil recycling program to go national (January 18, 2005)

Edmonton, AB — Five provincial used-oil materials recycling associations have extended their cooperation to form t…