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					centrifugal separators
Centrifugal Separators
John Brooks Company Limited
We offer an impressive selection of spraying and pumping solutions at John Brooks Company Limited, plus valves. Another product group we carry is filtering...
Frasers Product
Polyetheretherketone, Peek
Johnston Industrial Plastics Limited
Johnston Industrial Plastics is the oldest Canadian distributor of plastics shapes. Today, we take great pride in working with high performing materials li...

McRae Engineering Equipment Limited
We can supply a broad variety of blowers and vacuum pumps. The wide selection available from McRae Engineering Equipment Ltd. will allow you to find the be...

					Linear Brakes
Linear Brakes
Advanced Motion & Controls Ltd
We carry several designs of linear brakes at Advanced Motion & Control Ltd. – specifically, clamping and braking elements manufactured by Zimmer Grou...

Rubber Grommets
Advance Fasteners Ltd
Wherever electrical wires and cord must pass through drilled or punched holes in sheet metal or plastic casings, it is important to provide some protection...

Dust Extractors
N.R. Murphy Limited
N.R. Murphy Ltd. is a leader in dust extractors and dust extraction. Since 1943, we have worked to perfect all of our dust extracting technology, from our ...